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  1. Re: Over active let down - could this be why he wants to feed at night instead?

    Thanks al for the support, man this forum is awesome! It turns out that the 'heat rash' lo has on his legs, arms and chest is actually eczema and so he is going to bed, warming up and then...
  2. Re: Over active let down - could this be why he wants to feed at night instead?

    bump! yet another crazy night here............. every 2hrs we were feeding. what magic trick can anyone suggest? Heading towards the weekend and so no resting while kids at school is going to be a...
  3. Over active let down - could this be why he wants to feed at night instead?

    My boy 5mths is exclusively bf and has never been a great sleeper, I would figure this was because I had low supply and so he fed often. I worked hard at building supply (using sns, taking...
  4. Re: frequent explosive pooping -- normal?

    funny I bought the next size up diaper yesterday as it was on special and what do ya know, the explosive poop stayed in the nappy today! So pleased as we were in a meeting when lo started filling his...
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    growth spurt at 4mths?

    my lo has been sleeping at night fromaround 7.30pm to 2.30am then feed and back ot bed until 6am but last two nights has been getting up earlier and earlier for the middle of night feed as well as...
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    Re: Hand Sucking

    thid is called finding the midline and is developmental stage
  7. Re: question about expressing milk and storage

    I started storing milk in the medela storage bags, storing between 4-5oz per bag as that was the amount lo was having but then he refused the bottle from 9wks so any time I have expressed I now...
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    Re: Experimental breastfeeding

    Just wanted to say I have used an SNS for the first 6wks of my DS's life due to no lactation after birth. I found this to be a life saver as I am sure without it I would have given up. We did...
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    Re: I have MS, what to do?

    wow what an amazing momma you are! well done for giving your baby the best you can. Believe me, I have had three children and this is the first baby I have bf, I can honestly say b'feeding is by far...
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    Re: DS woke up Dry?!

    My DS is 14wks and generally his diaper is not 'full' when he gets up first thing, I then change it and within an hour have to change another disposable because its full. I figure he just hangs on...
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    Re: Co Sleeping? Whats your opinion?

    We co-sleep with #3 only because he wanted to use me as a pacifier in the begining, we then moved on to putting him in his bassinet at the begining of the night and then in with us once he woke for a...
  12. constipation in fully bf baby, taking reflux meds

    MY 12wk old lo has reflux but is what they call a 'happy chucker' so have not given him infant gaviscon regularly, however in the past week he has become extremely spilly and so have given him...
  13. Re: devestated..i dont know what else to do..

    HI, we have so been down this road. My lo was a very sleepy baby when first born and that as well as low hormone levels ment that I failed to lactate naturally. I started pumping at 7days and...
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    wont take a bottle of EBM

    My lo is 11wks and has always had a bottle of ebm once a week since the begining anyway we tried a bottle this week and he just chews on the nipple, cries and spits it out. Any ideas how i get him...
  15. nursing time s gone from 40mins to 10 overnight??

    my lo was 11wks old on Saturday and normally takes 40mins to nurse (about 20mins each time but I don't time it). Anyway on Sunday it took the usual 40mins each time (or 20mins if only took one side)...
  16. 11wk old feeds all the time and doesn't sleep!

    My 11wk old boy feeds probably every hour to hour and half and takes about 45mins each time. He then only sleeps for 20mins before waking lookingfor more food. He is 10lb 8oz and was 7lb 14oz born...
  17. Re: weight gains in breast fed babies

    thanks for that, its reassuring to see that chart compared to the one provided in my well child book! My ds is now 10wks 5days and weighs 10lb 8oz (4.76kg) and so is still on the bottom of the graph...
  18. weight gains in breast fed babies

    COULD SOMe one please give me the link to the growth charts put out by WHO for breast fed babies? My baby is 10wks old and weighs 4.76kg and at his lowest weight was 3.18kg he is puting on an...
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