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    Re: I Made It 1 Year!!!!

    :hb dylan! Congrats mama :clap!!
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    I'm so excited we've made it to one year happy happy bday my little kissy face, mama luvs u! And thank you ladies so much for all your advice, guidance and support. We are a nursing force going...
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    Re: Another type of pain ...

    Hi momma
    So sorry your in pain, quick question. Does the pain (the shooting burning stabbing pain) occur when your not bf? First thing that comes to mine for me is thrush, i know what a bummer. Have...
  4. Re: 1 Week Old- Kicking and Screaming During BF

    Hi momma:welcome and congrats on your lo! When your nursing are you engorged, I was thinking that if you are maybe its to much and to fast for the new wee one to handle. When your nursing does lo...
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    Re: What to do at night?

    :angrypin that sucks I had no idea they did that, is that state wide! I thought wic was geared towards breastfeeding and would do everything to help mamas make that happen?
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    Re: Reclined Nursing

    Hi mama and welcome! In addition to reclining haver you tried laying on your side and nursing maybe blocked feeding would help until your supply regulates, that's were you nurse from one side a few...
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    Re: Tah dah!

    :hb to your lo and congrats to u mama!
  8. Poll: Re: Poll: What age did you introduce solids?

    We started at 6 mths ds2 was ready around 5.5 mths according to all the requirements but I wasn't, lol. I wanted to do bls and I hadn't taking a cpr class not had I read the book by gil. Well we...
  9. Re: Baby had surgery and is having trouble nursing?

    I wanted to send lots of:hug &:love your way. My ds1 was born with a complete unilateral cleft lip/palate. We weren't able to nurse since his soft and hard palate were affected do i don't have any...
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    Re: pain pain pain

    Hi momma so sorry you're having such a ruff time:hug. My ds2 and I had thrush and the pedi didn't want to listen to me either,i had to go twice before I got a script for oral nystatin. The second...
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    Re: Dr Jack Newman

    Hi marilyn I have never contacted dr.newman so sorry I can't help you with that but I was wondering if you've posted your problem on here, since I've been gee I've received oodles of help what about...
  12. Re: Can my Husband be a surrogate milk producer?

    @marilyn Iwas going to post the exact same thing lmao. on that same tyra show they talked about a guy in africa whose wife had died and he was able to lactate enough to feed his child so yeah...
  13. Re: teeth ughh!! feels like their gonna tear off my nipples, help!!!!

    Hi Rachel, no I don't think its thrush btdt, the pain from that was consistant and we didn't have to be nursing for me to have that sharp glass shard like pain. ( thanks for responding so quickly)...
  14. teeth ughh!! feels like their gonna tear off my nipples, help!!!!

    So ladies, ds2 has been pushing out teeth since he was 4 1/2 mths. He will be 10 mths on the 6th. We made it through the whole bitting phAse and I really want to go until he wants to stop. Don't know...
  15. Re: Made it to a year...can I PLEASE pump wean now?

    have no clue about the pumping question just wanted to congradulate you on making it a year you rock
  16. Re: Bad Mother Weaning at 9 Months!

    Hi momma, I want to start by saying I don't think you're a bad mother after all you are giving your little one the best stuff on earth liquid gold =) and you're here seeking help. My ds2 is 9 mths...
  17. Re: Trying to start BF after DS was in NICU.

    just wanted to say congrats on the new little one and you have gotten some great advice from the other pp's. you can do this:clap bye the way inthik you are awesome and already doing agreat job, just...
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    Re: My Relactation Story

    Wow, what an amazing story! Thanks for sharing it, my heart became so full reading it you are a super mama. I really like the spelling of your lo's name.
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    Re: Here I am...1 yr later!

    Hip hip hooray!! Congrats & happy bday to ure lo.
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    Re: Pinching, scratching and pulling

    OMG my ds2 dose all of this and more he knows their are 2 now so he tries to get them both in his mouth at the same time and when he can't he grabs 1 with both hand a nails dug in then rams it in his...
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    Re: very clumpy bm

    NAK. Hi I think its fine, maybe have DP warm it a little longer then SWIRL it to get the lumps out, definitly no shakin that will damage the living cells in your milk. Also smell it & taste it if it...
  22. Re: I've made it 6 months BF'ing! :)

    Congrats to you and happy 6 mths to your lo. My son is 6 mths today also and we have met my personal goal, I couldn't have made it without you mamas. I'm so super excited to see what's next and how...
  23. Re: Starting Over, help! (Kind of long).

    Hi there congrats on your lo and welcome to LLL. I'm sorry things were rough for you and your little one, and boo to that hospital and staff for not getting youguys the help you needed in the first...
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    Re: Supply drying up

    One other thing I found out through this site that if your a member of wic they have wonderful bfing support ( I am a participant and the woman at Wic never mentioned it she blows, she knew about my...
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    Re: Supply drying up

    Hi & conrats! Your situation is totally like mine its like the formula supplements take on a mind of their own! Thanks to this site and the wonderful. Mamas here I was able to increase my supply and...
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