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  1. Re: Anyone else with a high frequency nursling at 4 years ol

    Chiming in on this a little late, but my daughter, now 6, was nursing like what you describe at 4. She was all about her "ninny" and was offended when my milk supply began to dwindle :shrug. She...
  2. Re: Five Year Old Wants To Try Nursing Again

    I have a 5yo that is still nursing...first thing in the morning, at night before bed, and inbetween on occasion. She is gentle and not rude, so it has never bothered me.
  3. Re: "Big boys don't drink milk anymore"

    OK - there are reasons the Lord doesn't put me in many of those situations...I don't do "nuance". I SO would have been less than nice. There are some things that are up for debate and discussion,...
  4. Re: Anyone still nursing at age 4? dealing with low milk sup

    My Mollie will be 4 next month and we are still going strong with no end in sight - she nurses AM and PM, occasionally during the afternoon and night, and at naptime on the weekends. Mollie has told...
  5. Re: A couple questions about nursing an older toddler

    Just saw this post and offering my experience...my Mollie will be 4 next month and still nurses in the morning and at night, on weekends when I lay her down for nap, and occasionally in the afternoon...
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    Re: moms nursing older toddlers

    My Mollie Pocket will be 3 in October and is nursing 3-5x a day with no end in sight. We don't nurse in public but if you come to my house, you may "catch" Mollie getting her ninny - it IS her...
  7. Re: Anyone w/ 25 month old who nurses LO

    My Mollie is right over 25 mo and nurses 8-10 times a day - mostly thru the night. It's getting a little irritating, especially at night when I want to sleep on my right side and she's on my left...
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    Re: She's starting school next week

    I believe today was the day - yes?

    How did it go?
  9. Re: Feeding/nursing issues with 12 month

    I agree with oakdryad5 - Mollie is 2 and until VERY recently, nearly all she ate was what she got from me, nursing in the morning (7am), after work (5pm), before bed (9pm) and thru the night. It has...
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    a little late posting

    Mollie was 2 on the 14th and we are still at it!!! Nursing 3-5 times each day and 1-2 times during the night.

    She had her checkup and is 34.5" tall and 27lbs - right on target - oh, and did I...
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    Re: just griping...

    I'll gripe with you - I'm a Med Tech and regardless of your consent issues, they did NOT have to draw for the lead - A full CBC (white count and anemia screen), iron level, and lead can be obtained...
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    Re: Joe's latest tricks.

    My Mollie is 21mo and will not let me cuddle her while night nursing (side to side). It's OK for her to pinch and reach for the other nipple to squash, but let me lay my arm on her or my hand on her...
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    Re: THE HUNGER!!!

    Most of my food prep energy goes is to my daughter's meals, so I often just grab what she's left behind on her tray (So gross! Never thought I'd eat a slimy banana or soggy english muffin off a high...
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    Re: What are your breasts "called"?

    ni-ni ("ninny")
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    Re: Frustrated 18 month old

    :ita w/lilbirdie22 - Mollie was 17mo on 3/14 and is getting more demanding and odd in her nursing habits. She too calls them "ninny" and changes sides back and forth, particularly in bed (we...
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    Re: showing affection to breasts?

    When I ask for kisses, if my breasts are anywhere close to accessible, Mollie will kiss the top of each breast, lay her face on my chest and say "ni ni", patting them the whole time.:love
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    Re: My BFing Saga... part 1

    I only breastfed my first child for 6 weeks - mostly due to the same kind of early misinformation you describe here - but both my second son and my daughter nursed every 1.5-2 hours around the clock....
  18. Re: Just need support, having a hard time :(

    When I pump, I no longer can get anything out since I haven't pumped in a month and a half. Should I just do it anyway to stimulate?

    I would - you've got nothing to lose and a little milk to...
  19. Re: Just need support, having a hard time :(

    Bless your heart!!:hug The not nursing and teething I could deal with and just pump and outwait it. The running from me, that would get to me.:cry Does she shy away from you even if you are not...
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    Re: What's wrong with the right?!

    first rule of BF - babies are weird. second rule - toddlers are weirder. :scratch

    My son breastfed until 14mo and would NOT nurse the left breast after about 8 mo. I don't know why - no reason....
  21. Re: Sample daily menu with snacks for a 1YO?

    Mollie - 15mo

    B - breast in bed before getting up, then fruit (1-2 cuties (what is it with babies and cuties?), 1 banana, 1 peach, 1 nectarine, 2 plums, 1 peeled apple, occasional canned fruit...
  22. Re: Tips for a large-breasted mom who wants to nurse on her side

    This is one time when it is a GOOD thing for your nipples to point toward the ground, or out to the side, or anywhere but straight out front :lol.
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    Re: ?bedtime?

    You know, it does make sense. Both boys had to give up their naps completely by 2 years - that was a HUGE fight with daycare.

    Thanks so much and I will keep you posted.
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    Re: ?bedtime?

    See what lack of sleep does to you??? I misread - I will tell daycare to LIMIT her sleep tomorrow.

    :doh - I am too old for this no sleep thing.
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    Re: It's Back! =(

    I only have one tidbit to add - be careful with the Depo shot. My second child was born 12/30/00, I got the shot mid January 2001 and my milk supply dropped significantly by the first of Feb. It...
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