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    what to do now?

    so my pumping goal was 1 year and LO is 11 mos. I have enough freezer stash to stop now if I wanted to stop pumping.

    i work ft 4 days/week. LO has 3 bottles at dcp those days.

    i think i'm...
  2. Re: Does anyone have the BM storage container by The First Years? *Issue*

    I have it and i love it. But here's what I do to my milk bags that are in it...
    First I freeze them flat in my regular freezer (side by side). Then once they are frozen and flat, I transfer them...
  3. Re: Need help scalding w/ First Years warmer

    Someone in the big post of Lipase issues mentioned she used a pasta insert or a steamer basket in the pot of water. This way all the bottles got scalded at once but the milk wasn't in just the...
  4. Playtex Drop In Liners - Ok to freeze?

    I use a Medela Pump. I purchased the One Step Playtex system (actually had to buy 2 to double pump with the adapters) and was wondering if anyone used the playtex drop in liners and sealing disks to...
  5. Re: Domperidone - where do I get this now?

    Thanks! I did get it at In House and it took 2 weeks but not stopped at customs! YAY!

    And working like a charm. I am back to my old pumping self. Woo hoo. Now I have no doubts I will make it to a...
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    Re: Fenugreek or Moremilkplus?

    MM+ did work (some) but ended up with Domperidone.

    I took the amount as specified on the bottle for my weight. And also followed the instructions about not eating/drinking 20min before/after...
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    Re: need some encouragement

    I started EP'ing with my first son at 9 mos. He was DONE (although now I know it was a nursing strike). So I know how you feel somewhat.

    And it can be done.

    I would pump longer than you are...
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    Re: A few questions about buying a pump

    Agree with calling the Ins ppl back. And tell them baby is in NICU.

    They should cover hospital grade rental.

    I have also only used Medela. My PIS lost suction over time. I did buy it "NEW" off...
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    Re: Question about new Medela pump

    I would call the company because I know some Medela bottles are pre-sterilized and ready for use right away. The little 2.5oz ones are at least. And sometimes the bottles that come in the hospital...
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    Re: Low milk when pumping

    If you've checked everything with the pump and you are back to work you could try renting a hospital grade pump for just a week to see if it makes a difference.
    Also try a nursing pumping vacation...
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    Re: Has this happened to anyone?

    The suction seemed to decrease over time. Even when everything was new - tubes, valves, membranes. So I have resorted to renting hospital grade medela pumps.

    Sorry this happened to you today....
  12. Re: FYI: I mixed my pumps and got the best pump ever

    do you know if the medela tubes will connect to the playtex cups?

    i am renting the symphony and want to try different breastshields but the tubing that connects to the actual symphony motor end of...
  13. Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    Testing my milk to see if lipase is an issue. Everything was fine and LO has no issues taking the milk but I had started taking Dom so I had oversupply and had a whole week's worth of daycare bottles...
  14. Domperidone - where do I get this now?

    Here's the deal:
    LO is 8 months old and things were going great. I pump 3x's/day while at work and supply went from the 4 oz I used to get per session now down to 1-2. Freezer stash isn't going to...
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    Re: Pumping Oversupply

    First, great job! :clap

    I had the same experience early on & stashed it in our deep freeze and now so thankful I did. My lo is 8 mo, AF came back and now having pumping supply issues. I know I...
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    Re: Supply on a business trip?

    Yes, you will definitely need to pump at every chance you get. Everytime your LO would be eating, you should be pumping. Including during the middle of the night, since your LO is 10 weeks.

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    pump shuts off

    the symphony shuts off, i think at around 30 minutes. but sometimes there is still milk coming out.

    do i stop at 30 min? is it harmful to go longer? shouldn't i continue 2-5 min after the last...
  18. i want to pump directly into bottles

    I am using the Medela Symphony pump and after much experimenting with all the BPA-free bottles out there, we've decided to use the Playtex Drop-Ins. Does anyone know if there are adapters for the...
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    Re: Domperidone

    took it with first ds at about 5 months, was the only way i could pump enough during the day for him. i will take it again if needed. no side effects for me.

    you could put them in a pill organizer...
  20. Re: Need advice on when/how to start making freezer stash

    also - i pump until there's no more milk, sometimes i get two letdowns & sometimes i don't but i don't go by a certain amt of time or ounces b/c for me it varies based on time of day.
  21. Re: Need advice on when/how to start making freezer stash

    don't throw it out! i store mine in bm freezer bags marked with the ounces to the nearest .5 oz, so if its 2.5, thats what i write on the bag. you can always thaw and combine with another thawed bag...
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    Re: How do you clean your pump at work?

    i clean with hot soapy water (there is a sink in our new mom room) then i use the sanitize microwave bag by medela in between each session. i admit i am a bit of a germaphobe, though. the medela...
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    Re: Coverage for Breast Pump Rental

    Here's what I got back from them...

    "In accordance with IRS guidelines, breast pumps are not an eligible expense on your Health Care FSA, but may be eligible if a Letter of Medical Necessity is...
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    Re: First Time Pumper - Need Advice

    The PISA has battery packs and vehicle lighter adapters. If driving yourself you could pump while you drive if you have the handsfree bra. How long are the classes? Will the prof give regular...
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    Coverage for Breast Pump Rental

    My insurance won't cover it and our flex direct spending account (pre tax dollar cafeteria plan) says the following:

    Breast pump
    Only eligible if to treat or mitigate a specific medical condition...
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