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  1. Re: Still trying to figure out DS problem...Colic?

    Hiya Wendy,
    Sorry I kinda dropped off the face of the earth for a while! I know I still owe you that reply in private message!

    Oh I'm so sorry you're still having such troubles. I am glad you...
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    Re: Will breastfeeding ever get easier??

    All of these replies are so great! I have felt all of the same things. In one aspect, I feel good and proud that I've made it two weeks, but on the other hand, I feel desperate for it to get...
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    Re: Reflux?

    Good luck, Wendy. I already messaged you this morning, but I'll post that when my daughter had it, it was totally different than what my son is doing now. (the grunting, gas pains, etc) With the...
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