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    Re: Study on iron levels at 6 months

    very interesting!
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    Re: un año!!!!!

  3. Re: Weaning Question - Go Down To Bedtime Only and HORMONES!

    same here! its eerie
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    Re: Around the clock

    Does he know that his comments are hurting you? Because he needs to know. Those comments are clearly undermining your confidence. You will get into the groove but its always tough if not impossible...
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    Re: Around the clock

    ^WSS!! Aside from that practical advice I wanted to add that DH might need to hear "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all" and that's the nice way of saying it. If Dh...
  6. Re: Toddler Eats Nothing!! **for New Beginnings**

    Mommals response was excellent. I would say sometimes it seems like not very much but one good thing to do is write down everything they eat in a Food journal. It will help you get an idea of their...
  7. Re: No se despierta para comer, bebe de 1 mes

    si bb esta subiendo de peso sin problemas, y si tiene suficientes panales mojados cada dia creo que puedes dejarla dormir. es normal que en unas pocas semanas ella empieza a despertar con mas...
  8. Re: Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone?

    Hang in there. the days where nothing works no matter what you do, is very much part of her age IMO. I won't lie for us the screaming/crying was intense but it did get better. when you find something...
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    Re: We made it

    Congrats! and :hb to your LO
  10. Re: Is this all normal for almost 6 month old?

    the distraction stuff is normal. it picked up again for us eventually. we stopped nip completely and did dark rooms only. i got her to nurse in the car eventually just through repetition--it became...
  11. Re: Does this pattern sound familiar to anyone?

    i just wanted to add that you're getting to the time soon (2-3 months) when babies just can be extremely horribly fussy, sometimes for no apparent reason. and it will make you crazy to...
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    Re: Un poco desesperada

    primero, puedes cambiar de pediatra? :gg

    esta pagina te puede ayudar con la leche saliendo muy fuerte: http://www.llli.org/lang/espanol/langlvsepoct95a.html

    Tu bb se durmio por 3 horas despues...
  13. Re: Dieta para adelgazar durante la lactancia

    creo que no es una buena idea. para perder peso de una manera sana porque no tratas de hacer mas ejercicio al dia (camina 2 miles cada dia por ejemplo) y come menos pero en moderacion. trata de...
  14. Re: Donde compro el arte femenino de amamantar en México?

    Has pensando en buscar en una biblioteca? Algunas bibliotecas pueden conseguir libros desde muy lejos.
  15. Re: Cereal sin leche y sin soya con hierro en mexico

    se que cereal no tiene mucho nutricion ademas del hierro. creo que hay harina de avena que tiene hierro sin soya o lacteos. yo empezara con eso. puedes tambien mesclarla con pure de frutas o...
  16. Re: Los dientes de mi hijo. Como evitan las mordidas?

    cuando te muerda? es al principio de tomar porque es tan efusivo? o es despues de tomar? si es despues puede ser porque esta aburrido o quiere aliviar el dolor con morder. en este caso tienes que ser...
  17. Re: ¿No tengo sufisciente leche para amamantar a mi bebe????

    como son sus panales? cuantos sucios ella tiene al dia?
    si tiene suficiente y es subiendo de peso no creo que tienes leche insuficiente (eso es muy raro). pagina sobre como saber si tienes...
  18. Re: Los dientes de mi hijo. Como evitan las mordidas?

    cuantos meses tiene tu bb?
  19. Re: Only nurses well lying down lately...

    my lo went through a very distractable phase where she would only nurse lying down since sitting had too many distractions for her to see. :ita with pp, just do what works for now. i'd try every once...
  20. Re: When do you have to start giving water?

    i also started water when lo was really into eating solids and also after playing outside on hot days (in addition to nursing). water helped with her digestion too and she really liked it with meals....
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    Re: Is this her weaning??? Help!

    :ita esp about the ear infection. those things are insidious. ive had one come up right after a cold too. and vice versa. definitely keep with the night nursing that is a really good sign.
  22. Re: Por favor expectativas reales de sueño

    estoy de acuerdo con lasbi.modeu que comunicacion is muy importante.

    tambien tienes que ser mas adaptable en donde y cuando debe tener intimidad con tu esposo. puedes divertirse en cualquier...
  23. Re: Baby refusing to nurse all of a sudden

    :ita with joe's mom. elena has had ear infections with no other symptoms (fever etc) except not nursing normally.
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    Re: Leaving teeth marks!

    sometimes a change in positioning helps. like if you are laying down, try sitting up, or try leaning back sitting up. or a different chair, or more pillows. lo had some huge top teeth and leaning...
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    Re: Evening struggles with sleep

    Could this be teething? You could try advil and see if that helps. Also could she be needing to drop a daytime nap? I think we were down to two at that point.
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