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    Re: is it to late?

    All great advice above but wanted to chime in to rest as much as possible (seriously) while building your supply and eat plenty of good food and eat it often. Keep chicken or turkey and apples and...
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    Re: returning to work. need avice

    I'm a caregiver to a 4 month old little girl and I know her momma pumps twice a day, morning and after lunch. She always pumps both sides at once to save time. Then she brings me the milk the next...
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    Re: Mastitis and not latching HELP!

    How is it going today momma? Did you get a chance to call your doc?
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    Re: Mastitis and not latching HELP!

    :hug:hug:hug Momma. Mastitis veteran here to tell you that you can do this, I promise! :love

    When you say he's not latching on that side do you mean that it's too engorged for him to get a good...
  5. Re: Feeding, pumping, and sore nipples

    Hey! It's Jen-

    Just jumping on here so that you can get my screen name if you need to IM me.

    I read your first post and you did get some great advice. There are so many informed mamas on...
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    Re: Depression after weaning

    There is a definate hormonal shift and it does take some time for your body to fully stop making milk so it seems it would be normal in my opinion.

    I always end up getting some anxiety when...
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    Re: Embarrassed to say this...

    :ita with the above. You get a say in this too momma. I have also shifted from a firm believer in CLW to more of a gently nudged by momma weaning method. DS just turned 3 in November and there are...
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    Re: my husband is frustrated!!

    Did your LO go from sleeping more to sleeping less recently? If so here is an article that may bring you all more peace.


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    Re: Nightweaning


    Ladies, after almost 3 years (well, actually 1,088 days/nights) of 2-6 night wakings Evan is finally sleeping through the night! Right...
  10. Re: I never wanted to say this but at 31 days i am close to giving up

    Hi momma :hug your post sounds really stressful and I can feel your frustration.

    It's true that some babies have a greater need to suck than others and that it may be that your baby is one of...
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    Re: ready to stop!

    Welcome momma!

    I can connnect with your readiness to be done. Just after DS2 was 2 I was feeling really really touched out and exhausted and was wanting to wean but nursing was really still...
  12. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    Thank you. It's been almost 3 years of commitment to child led weaning a kid who loves to snack all night long. I love him but this momma is ready for some rest. It feels so good to know he's...
  13. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    dude. I just got 7.5 hours of sleep last night! I am so happy, I woke up this morning and realized that I hadn't been up at all. AT ALL! Please please please weaning gods please let this...
  14. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    I don't know about it either. Both my sons co-slept and night nursed and neither have cavities. I think Tracie explained that the milk doesn't touch the front teeth and I know that bfing doesn't...
  15. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    Well, weaning is such a subjective word isn't it? :)

    We have been pretty much day weaned for quite a while now but we still nurse at nap time and bedtime. The bulk of our nursing was at night...
  16. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    Yeah, whew!

    No I haven't seen baby bottle mouth and I don't want to!! I figured it was just darkening like what I was seeing but I think it's much more than that. That's probably why I freaked...
  17. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    So...update. Can you say over reactive momma?? :o

    We had a visit to the dentist yesterday and it turns out the dark areas were just some kind of staining. They did a quick cleaning and the...
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    Re: 3 mos old feeding every hour

    Exhausting but normal momma, your LO will grow out of it. It's likely a growth spurt like pp said. Here is more info on growth spurts:

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    Re: I think it's official.

    What sweet pics! Silas is just the cutest baby!! Of course you know that :D
  20. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    :ita Yeah, I love our dentist but who I really love are the assistants and hygenists. But I have no idea what their take on the whole BFing thing is but i have to assume that it's how other dentists...
  21. Re: Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    Tracie, that's right I hadn't thought of those teeth not being near the milk. Thanks.

    We're making an appointment today for the first available slot with our pedi dentist who we love. I'm...
  22. Oh shoot! I think I see baby bottle mouth...

    I think I see what might be the beginnings of DS's two front teeth getting discolored. We have been night nursing up a storm since DS was born and now at 9 days away from being 3 he still nurses at...
  23. Re: Wow, baby number 2 and question about solids..?

    thin out the avocado with breast milk? :shrug
  24. Re: How do you get up the courage to nurse while you're teaching baby not to bite?

    Love Dr. Sears! He and his wife Martha have great parenting advice IMHO. Here is what I did when mine began to bite the breast:

    "Push baby in toward you. The usual reaction is to yank the baby...
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    Re: 3 year old- suggestions?

    I am in the same kind of position as you are PP. My LO will be 3 in a couple of weeks and still nurses at nap, bedtime, during the night and then the early morning too. I'm ready to gently wean but...
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