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  1. Re: Not getting a let down????? HELP

    We are doing much better now. my hubby is getting her to sleep and then giving her to me and she is nursing for a while. So we are doing what we can. I am confined to the couch now more then i was...
  2. Re: Not getting a let down????? HELP

    that is just not an option more now then before. i was coming down the stairs earlier and fell and broke my left leg. i am not doing well at all.
  3. Re: Not getting a let down????? HELP

    the meds i forgot. I had the general anasitha(sp) when they put me out for the surgery (same as i got for my c section) I had to be put out completly. and after i am on percocet for the pain.
  4. Re: Not getting a let down????? HELP

    I have been so up set about not getts a let down that I have been pumping a good bit. She getts up set and does not want to eat from me and i have been scared that i was going to loose my milk. I...
  5. Not getting a let down????? HELP

    Ok I have just had my galbladder removed on the 14th. for some reason since i have been home i have only been able to get my milk to let down 2 times. My DD is getting up set and i end up having o...
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    Galbladder sugery and BF

    Ok Is there anyone out there that has had to have this done and still BF. I have to have this done and it is on the 14th. I am going to keep BF but i am wondering how it is going to work. My hubby is...
  7. Re: 7 month old won't nurse during the day?

    I am also very happy to hear that these things are happening with others. My DD is 7 months also and she does the same thing right now. Will not nurse during the day. Is great at night but will suck...
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    We have had a lot of changes lately plus ear infections. But my baby seems to be weaning her self during the day. She will take a bottle during the day (the only way i have been able to get her to...
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    Fighting trush agian!!!!

    I am so sick of this. SHe had to be put on antibotics because if the ear infections and then a respitory infection and now she has white patchs all over her mouth agian. ARRRRRR Now I have something...
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    Stressed!!! Sick baby!

    Ok I just need to vent and if anyone has something to add i would be happy to hear it. Ok my LO is almost 6 months. Last week I took her to the ER because I can not get any appointments on this...
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    Re: So in love...

    You know i thought i was the only one that thought about that when my first was born. Now i have three and i feel just the same about my third.
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    Re: Frantic arms at the breast?

    My little one did thisfor a while and i found that i give her her blanki and she calms down. now she plays with my face while she is nursing. Like everything else it is just a phase and they will...
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    Re: Does NIP ever get easier?

    I myself also have found that i know I have the right and I am proud that I am the only source of babys food. I nurse everywhere. The only problem i do have that make me uneasy is that i dont want my...
  14. Making your own cereal vs. buying premade

    I am trying to decide if i want to make my own or i shoulid buy it from the store. Does anyone know if one is better for them over the other. I saw one today that is gerber and it has DHA in it....
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    Re: Hair falling??!

    OMG!!! I am so glad that someone else is ing through the same thing. I was starting to get scared beause I thought i had some dealy illness. (brain tomer) or something because mine was falling out so...
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    Re: Just an Update!

    Yes I am and it has gotten it down to hardly nothing but just will not go the rest of the way away. But I am sure it will over time and what we are doing. Thanks everyone!
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    Just an Update!

    I took my DD in for her 4 month check up and she is 13 lbs. They said she is doing good. She got the evil:mad: shots. She seems to be doing well with them now.

    I asked her doc about the trush...
  18. Re: How to encourage my LO to reverse cycle?

    My LO goes all night and dose not wet and then within an hour of her wakeing she is SUPER wet.
  19. Re: At the end of my rope...PLEASE help!!

    I also just nurse her as much a she wants. I know it can be hard. My hubby was in the field last week. (hes in the Army) and I felt like the whole time he was gone all we did was sit on the sofa and...
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    Re: Trouble with Thrush

    Thank you so much! I feel special :hug you thought about me when you woke up. All I think about LOL is do i really have to get up. I am going to try and make a appointment and see if some of these...
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    Re: Pacifier & Bedtime

    I also agree with PP my DD is almost 4 months and she knows the difference. If she is hunger she will not kee passi in. If she just wants to suck she will keep it in her mouth. She loves to nurse...
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    Re: Trouble with Thrush

    OMG all this seems so over whelming! :banghead I feel like fighting this is a full time job in it self. My hubby is in the field right now ( he is in the Army) So it is my by my self with the LO...
  23. Re: Any ideas to stop milk from drying up?

    When I thought my milk was going down . I tried to feed my DD as often as i could. I also went and got fenugreek from walmart and took 2 pills 3 times a day untill i smelled like maple syrup and then...
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    Re: Trouble with Thrush

    I am going to try and answer everything that everyone asked. LOL

    I don't eat much sugar because it makes me sick most of the time so i just stay away from it all together.

    (Kayden's mam) Can I...
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    Re: Help Baby Refusing Breast!!

    My LO went on a strike. I am not for sure what started it but it didn't last very long i think 4 days. But it is nice that is up set other people. I was feeling like a failure and i could not stop...
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