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    Re: having a few drinks.....

    You may not make it to three beers if this is the first time you are drinking since before you were pregnant ;) I had half a beer and felt pretty loopy. Stopped there.
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    Nightweaning a 3 yr old...

    Ladies, I need advice. DD has been happily nursing around the clock for 3 years in May. Up until now, I've been fine with it. She is a high needs kid who doesn't separate well from me, and we...
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    Re: I need some support...

    Just wanted to chime in that mastitis can cause a temporary drop in supply due to the inflammation caused by the infection. That may be the cause for longer nursing sessions right now.

    In our...
  4. Re: My daughter wants to nurse constantly please help!


    DD had multiple "intolerances" and was highly reactive as well - but at 22 months, she successfully outgrew them. Still nursing at 31 months :) But up until then, I couldn't eat anything...
  5. Re: Best bottle to use for BF baby? Suggestions needed

    We used breastflow!
  6. Re: Not nursing after tonsillectomy

    I had a tonsillectomy at 22. It hurt A LOT. I was rx'd Vicodin, and I took it faithfully for 3 weeks. That was the only way I could eat/drink without pain. What are they giving your little one for...
  7. Re: Pedi pressuring to nightwean and do bloodwork

    She is concerned about her drop in percentiles, there's no question about that. We discussed what tests she'd be running - kidney, liver and thyroid panels. She says the most common issue seen...
  8. Re: Pedi pressuring to nightwean and do bloodwork

    I know; sometimes I just feel like she's a test runner to cover any malpractice issues. (I found out last year there was a baby who was being treated by another doc at the practice who died :( That...
  9. Pedi pressuring to nightwean and do bloodwork


    Just got back from DD's 2 year old well check.

    1) She recommends nightweaning since DD wakes every 2-3 hours to nurse. (We cosleep). She believes that I'm setting DD up for poor sleep...
  10. Re: Re-lactation for a pre-schooler

    Just know, as others have said, that it is perfectly normal for your daughter to be curious about nursing after seeing the baby. I am still nursing my 2 year old, but there are many moms in our...
  11. Sick toddler and dumb mom (me!)

    Hi Everyone,

    DD (21 months) has a horrible upper respiratory virus. She has never been this sick with a "cold" before. Her nose is a faucet, fever for 24 hours with Motrin, and a horribly wet...
  12. Re: Need Reassurance about nighttime

    This gives me hope :) I have a 19 month old who usually wakes every two hours. Sometimes it's every hour. We nurse on demand and co-sleep, and we are hardly separated. The terrible twos have...
  13. Re: How to pump plugged duct - need help

    When I had a plugged duct, I only let DD nurse on the bad side for a couple of days, and I pumped the good one to add to my freezer stash:) But, she was still willing to nurse from it...
  14. Re: How do your LOs manage things like rice or beans or peas??

    Thanks for the tips everyone, I really appreciate it :)

    I'm getting a lot of pushback (furious head shaking) on pureed peaches, and anything with spice (cinnamon) in it, so I can't wait to give...
  15. How do your LOs manage things like rice or beans or peas??


    A little background: DD is 13 months old, still bf'ing like a champ every 2 hours 'round the clock, and milk/soy/maybe wheat intolerant.

    I started her on BLS when she was 7 months old, but...
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