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    Re: distraught and discouraged

    The short answer is more nutrient dense foods and less foods that block mineral absorbtion by the body.
    I highly recommend the book.

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    Re: distraught and discouraged

    Just to follow-up on this. (6 months later), we opted to not do major dental work under general anasthesia.
    We ramped up our efforts on using diet to heal tooth decay, and now her teeth have halted...
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    distraught and discouraged

    A few months ago we noticed what we thought was the beginning of dental decay of my 2 year old's front teeth.

    We started during research to learn how to heal her teeth naturally with diet and...
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    Re: School Help

  5. Re: Is there anyone NOT starting their LO on rice cereal ?

    We never gave her rice cereal or "baby" food of any kind. We just gave her soft stuff she could "gum" or suck or lick or whatever. :) They learn the gag reflux quickly when they are allowed to...
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    Re: Pumping to get more sleep?

    I did that a few times when my little one was about that old. Sometimes you just need to skip a feeding so you can get a little rest!
    I was paranoid about nipple confusion though so we used a...
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    Re: Need some virtual hugs...

    I am with you. I pumped for my daughter almost 24 months, up until last week when she decided she is no longer intersted in pumped milk when I am gone.
    She still loves to breastfeed when...
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    Re: Do I NEED to pump wean?

    mommal - You read my question correctly - I was just wondering if a stop pumping - without weaning myself - would pose a health risk.
    You do bring up a couple of valid points however - I DO love...
  9. Re: How to give BM to toddler while mom's at work?

    My 23 month old takes a bottle for EBM and a straw cup or just regular cup for water or cows milk.
    We don't give her juice.
    Works just fine for us, so we had no cause to change it.
    It's not like...
  10. Re: Connecting with other working mothers/children?

    I recently put my 22 month old into a baby gymnastics class that meets when I am not working.
    It is a great bonding time for me and her, allows her to play and exercise and let's me connect with...
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    Do I NEED to pump wean?

    My LO will be two next month, and I have been pumping to give her expressed milk during the day when I am at work since she was four months old.

    She has just recently lost interest in expressed...
  12. Re: What's magical about pump-weaning at a year vs. sooner?

    The new reccomended age according to American Academy of Pediatrics is TWO years.
    Mine is turning two next month and I am just now pump weaning.
    I would have happily continued longer, but she has...
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    Re: 23 months - Time to pump wean?

    Mine is 23 months also. Just this week she has lost interest in the pumped milk, so I am going to pump wean now.
    She still very much enjoys her regular breastfeeding, however, and I don't see that...
  14. Re: trying to start bottle feeding a mostly breastfed newbor

    Breastflow is AWESOME!

    The double nipple design requires the baby to use the same sucking technique and he/she uses on the breast.
    They prevent overfeeding because the baby remains in control.
  15. Re: Back to Work on Monday- Confused and Uncertain

    My "baby" is almost 2 years old, and I still leave her milk and she still only takes 2-3 ounces at a time.
    She also, of course, is eating food as well - but 2-3 ounces per bottle has served her well...
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    Re: The perfectly packed Pump bag

    Great idea!
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    Re: Pumping and storage questions

    I have been pumping for 1 and half years. :)

    Your pumped milk should be okay in the fridge for a day before transfering to the freezer - but I agree with the previous poster - you want to do some...
  18. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    While breastfeeding your toddler, you sneeze and she promptly unlatches, says "bless you", and then relatches and goes about her business.
  19. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    She nurses in between the verses of "Old Macdonald had a farm".
  20. Re: Breastmilk on teeth at night & Feisty nurser :(

    My 19 month old is a fiesty nurser.
    When ever she is hurting or annoying me, I just unlatch her and tell her - "That hurts, Abi." or "That's annoying, Abi. Stop." If she doesn't I unlatch her and or...
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    Re: What do they call it?

    My LO has added to her request habits.... we typically nurse in a recliner with a specific pillow under her head. Now when she wants to breastfeed she;
    1) brings me the pillow,
    2) runs over to the...
  22. Re: First "toddler" post & reflecting on

    bzm.mommy - right on! You know Jesus probably breast fed until he was about 7....
    "Squirt them in the eye..." that's great! I LOVE it!
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    Re: Favorite binky reccomendations

    Mine was more interested in her thumb - at 16 months she doesn't use it much anymore.
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    Poll: Pumping more than a year

    My 16 month old, eats food during the day like a champ but still really enjoys her pumped breastmilk when I am away from her at work. She drinks every drop - every time.

    I figure there is no...
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    Advise from a one year pumper

    I've been breastfeeding my 16 month old, and pumping milk for her during my 4 days/week at work since she was 4 months old.

    I wanted to share some tips that may help others.

    * Time flies on...
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