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  1. Re: HELP! 9 month old refusing to breastfeed.

    Do you think you can offer him ebm in a sippey cup? My first 2 lo's loved drinking from the cups with handles and I started that with them at 6 mos. Prayers for you! :hug
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    Sleeping through the night???????

    (My lo is 2 months.) I have always had a sleepy baby. I would wake her to feed during the night the first month. Then, she started waking at 12 am and 3 am to eat, so I felt free to sleep. Now I am...
  3. Re: therapist said to breastfeed friend's toddler

    I can't believe that was even suggested....It's such a personal thing, and assuming your friend would be ok with that too...sheesh! Your therapist should be ashamed!
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    night shift

    So I started back to work last night 10pm to 6 am. I forgot my pump, so did not pump that whole time. I pumped at 9 pm before work, and I pumped immediately after I got home at 6:11 am. My question...
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    Well, I am back to work again tonight.:cry Wish my hubby well, and wish me peace of mind that she won't run out of milk. (Yeah right, I have 25 oz stored.) I will be gone 8 hours and she sleeps...
  6. Re: New to pumping and have a few ????

    Sorry, yes my lo is 1 mo. She will be 10 weeks when I go back. How much/ long should I pump? I think a 1 an 4 pumping would be doable! Thanks for the help!
  7. New to pumping and have a few ????

    First of all, I will be returning to work in a month. My shift is an 8 hr overnight shift. My lo finishes eating right before I would be scheduled to work at 10pm. Then she eats again around 1 or 2,...
  8. Re: weak sucker / sleeper / what should it feel like?

    #1 count how many wet diapers your lo is having. That is the best way to measure if they are eating!
    That being said, my lo is gaining fine, and I NEVER feel any kind of sensation while the milk...
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    Re: Will my supply hold up ladies???

    Aren't there laws put in place that say employers have to give you a chance to pump throughout the day? :shrug I'm not positive, but I thought I've read something along that line.
  10. Re: Cluster feedings and returning back to work

    Thanks for all the replies! I will be working 10pm to 6 am. I work in a group home for mentally retarded adults...here's the kicker- my shift is called a sleep shift. This means I am there sleeping,...
  11. Cluster feedings and returning back to work

    My lo is 1 month old and has a standard fussy period with cluster feedings from 6 pm to 11 pm. (I read the kellymom link posted on another thread). My problem is in about a month I will be returning...
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    Just wanted to say hello!

    I don't have any new questions for you mammas yet, (mainly because I was lurking for the last couple of weeks!) You girls have really given me great peace of mind as well as wonderful links...
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    Re: No milk?

    My LO does the same thing (popping off and screaming) at her 10 pm feeding. Her problem is usually gas. I try all the different gas relieving tricks, (pumping legs, tummy massage etc.) and sometimes...
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