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  1. Re: Discharge, Bloating, What's going on?!

    I'm gonna have to look into that book recommendation... thanks!
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    Re: Sex Drive...

    WOW I really appreciate everyone's responses. Mostly because I know I'm not alone or wierd or something! I definitly agree... make your man happy! We have our share of intimate moments... I just...
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    Re: Lipstick shaped nipple

    I had this happen to me also. My LO is slightly tongue-tied. My LC told me to stick my pinky in his mouth nail up and press down gently on his tongue, then twist my pinky nail down while he sucked....
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    Sex Drive...

    Okay I have herad several different things... does anyone else have out of wack hormones still - similar to pregnancy? I don't know if it's a combo of being so darn tired from a teething active 10...
  5. Re: Discharge, Bloating, What's going on?!

    Thanks for the responses! I'm hoping it's my cycle returning and NOT! I love not having my period, but also it would be better for it to be that than something wrong.

    As for the other...
  6. Discharge, Bloating, What's going on?!

    I have been BF my DS for 10 months. I have not had my period while bfing... so basically for over a year and a half. I am not taking any birth control pills etc.

    Here's my question: I have a lot...
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    Re: Issue with wanting to breastfeed

    I won't try to "push" you one way or the other. All I can do is share my own personal experience and let you make your own conclusion.

    I wanted to bf more than anything. It was not easy in the...
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    Re: Gassy, no burping, and grunting

    You may want to check with your pedi before trying (seeing as how your lo has some other things going on...) but have you tried Gripe Water? I used it on my lo when he was gassy early on... and it...
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    Re: Breastfeeding and Constipation

    I had never had a problem until postpartum. I was extremely regular my whole life and through pregnancy. Now I have to really make sure that I am drinking plenty of water and eating lots of fruit....
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    Re: inverted/flat nipples

    You can definitly do it! I haven't had this happen to me personally ... but in my quest to learn all I can about nursing I came across a quote I love... "Babies breastfeed not 'nipple-feed'" :lol
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    Re: Clogged Duct? Please HELP

    Avery.Mom has very good advice. I too had a similar situation. Do you wear a bra with underwire? That can cause a clogged duct. When I had a "sore" spot that felt full like a clogged duct ... I got...
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    Re: Won't take bottle

    My lo won't take the bottle if I'm anywhere near... if he can smell me, hear me, see me... etc. Also, he won't take any other bottle except "Breast Flow". We found ours at BabiesRUs... although I'm...
  13. Re: if baby doesnt wakeup for feeding...uregent

    For the first couple months I would make my lo wake up. With a cold wash cloth or taking all his clothes off... whatever it took. I made sure he nursed every 2-3 hours. He also began sleeping past...
  14. Re: gerd baby -how do you deal with it ?

    My sister-in-laws kids all had gerd... some to different degrees. At any rate ... instead of the wedge she put them to sleep in their car seats because it was an even greater angle then the wedge....
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    Re: Falling alseep on the breast

    Well... I have no exact answer as to what is "right" and "wrong" here. Some people say not to let them fall asleep nursing. Me personally... I have let my lo fall asleep nursing for the most part....
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    Re: 6 Months!! Woo Hoo!!

    Yay!!! I'm so happy for you! I can totally relate! My lo is just a couple days younger than your lo. Turned 6 mos on the 13th. I love that he tries to feed through my shirt, and that I just can't...
  17. Re: Help... Confused ... Supply issue or Teething?

    I think I forgot to mention that each time he wakes up (every hour or every other hour if I'm lucky)... I nurse him to sleep again. It only takes about 5 minutes of nursing before he is fast asleep...
  18. Re: Help... Confused ... Supply issue or Teething?

    His diapers are normal with good amounts of wet and dirty.

    I wasn't thinking of introducing solids to increase supply... rather to just fill his tummy to sleep through the night.

  19. Help... Confused ... Supply issue or Teething?

    My lo has just turned 6 mos old. He has been teething for several months (extreme drooler etc.). I'm not sure if his waking up nearly every hour is due to his teething, a growth spurt, or ... is he...
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    Re: Incredibly gassy baby...help?

    My LO had trouble getting his BM going... we helped him along by laying him on his back and gently rubbing his tummy. Also we would hold his feet and gently bend and extend his legs to assist him in...
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    Re: Where do I go for pumping help?

    I am not familiar with how PCOS effects BF. I'm sorry to hear the trouble you are having. Good for you on pumping and putting so much effort into giving your LO the best!

    Can you let your LO...
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    Re: No Bm, fussy, and gassy

    I just read your reply about juice. I wouldn't do it, but you have to do what you think since you are the mommy :ita When our LO was only a couple weeks old he hadn't had a BM since we left the...
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    Re: No Bm, fussy, and gassy

    Have you tried giving your LO gripe water? You can pick it up at nearly any pharmacy/grocery. My LO is soothed by it. Also, have you eaten dairy or some other irritant? I ate ice cream a few weeks...
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    Re: Ready to give up, desperate

    wow! I can't even imagine the pain. Like previous post said... every time you have pumped and endured the pain... your LO has been blessed through your love and dedication. I myself have not (yet)...
  25. Re: 8 1/2 month old won't take bottle or pacifier

    First congrats on 8+ months of exclusive BF!! What kind of bottle are you using? I have "Breastflow". I think that's how you spell it?? Anyways, I love them! I think this may work for your LO if you...
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