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    Re: How to Dreamfeed?

    I will either intentionally wake my daughter in the morning before going to work or else I'll have one breast exposed so when I pick her up I can bring her right to my breast and she will willingly...
  2. Re: starting to breastfeed 2 week old

    Hello and welcome to the forum!

    Do you have any local lactation consultants/professionals available to help? Sometimes they will be located in private practices or pediatrician's offices. ...
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    Re: Weaning Impossibe

    Welcome to the forum! I'm sorry to hear about your troubles. Gradual weaning is usually the easiest on both the child and mother, which involves eliminating one feeding daily no more often than...
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    Re: Is my 7 week nursing enough?


    Based on her wet and dirty diapers and her weight gain, it sounds like she's getting enough! Is her pediatrician happy with her weight gain? Usually they will follow a curve (albeit a...
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    Re: breastfeeding behavior

    I always keep the other breast that is not being utilized covered, which helps reduce twiddling. Thankfully my daughter is pretty down-to-business when she nurses but if she does get idle hands...
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    Re: How to Dreamfeed?


    When my daughter was 6 weeks old, I went back to work and felt like I was struggling to pump enough to supply daycare during the day. Between struggling to pump enough and having to wake...
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    8-month-old / sore nipples ??

    Hi everyone,

    My daughter is 8 months old and I've recently started her on solids (once daily with spacing new introductions by at least 3 days). Lately she's been nursing with traction- she will...
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    Re: Pump Maintenance

    Is the diaphragm the part that connects the tubing to the pump? How often should it be changed? And how often should the little flap inside the flange be replaced? I read they can get small holes in...
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    Pump Maintenance

    Hi All,

    I was just wondering what the recommendations are for keeping up the maintenance on pump parts. Is it just the flap in the flange and the membrane that attaches to the pump that need to...
  10. Re: Almost-5-month-old distracted/disinterested?

    My daughter, who is four months old, is acting very distracted with nursing. She usually takes anywhere between 20 and 60+ minutes to nurse but recently has been only nursing for a few minutes and...
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    Re: Baby Slings

    I want to carry her around to nurse her or just hold her while I do things around the house. I want to breastfeed her for at least a year so I'd need something that has a higher weight limit. She's...
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    Baby Slings

    Hi All,

    My baby is four months old and I am just now reading about baby slings. I have an infantino hands-free carrier which I feel doesn't fit well/hurts my back, and, more importantly, I can't...
  13. Re: True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    Thank you for that link regarding weight. I'll be sure to utilize that as a reference. Am I supposed to be changing the modes on the pump throughout my pumping session? I start off on stimulation...
  14. Re: True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    Thank you both so much. Do you know how much she should gain daily/weekly? I pumped for a full 20 minutes this morning and had my first/strongest let down after 2-3 minutes, then another shorter...
  15. Re: True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    Good morning Momof3,

    So it sounds like maybe I have a smaller storage capacity if I usually pump 2-3 ounces at a time. Is it sufficient then to nurse or pump at least every 3 hours during the day...
  16. Re: True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    I'll talk with my supervisor tomorrow and see what I can work out for duration. She's already ok'd the frequency of me pumping twice and then for 10 minutes after nursing/lunch. So do I need to...
  17. Re: True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    Hi sonogirl,

    No one has said anything to me negatively about pumping but I always feel guilty for pumping and the pressure that I need to hurry. How do I know how long to pump for? It seems...
  18. Re: True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    Thank you both so much for your replies.


    As far as I know, she was gaining weight well. She was born at 6 lb 2 oz, dropped to 5 10 I believe, then was 6 lb 5.6 ounces at two weeks old....
  19. True supply issue or overfeeding expressed milk?

    Here is our background but at the end are my questions...

    My daughter will be four months old this week. She is my first child and we live in a rural area that does have a lactation consultant at...
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