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  1. Re: Going back to school after less than a week?

    Many moms find that it is easier to pursue career goals after their children enter school, so that they both are occupied during the same time frame during the day.

    A friend of mine works nights,...
  2. Re: Going back to school after less than a week?

    I will never regret taking the first year off from school and work after each of my boys was born. That is time I will never get back. I would recommend considering a two year program instead,...
  3. Re: Weaning a strong-willed child with a

    I found offering a drink of water at night wakings helped some while adjusting. Good luck Beth!
  4. Re: Had to give her formula this evening...

    I'm sorry you feel like you are having a hard time with satisfying your little one. :hug How is your LO's diaper output? It is a good rule for measuring milk intake. What goes in, must come out. :ita...
  5. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

  6. Re: new here and have a question

    Everything has it's risk, only you can weigh the benefits against them. Try these links from Dr. Hale, they may help answer your questions. :gvibes
  7. Re: leaving 18mo for 10 days- wean? Getting touched out.

    I found dad to be the biggest help when partial weaning, no boobies to cry for with him. :gvibes
  8. Re: Full Term Breastfeeding Friendly OB/GYN

    I agree with a LLL group being a great place to ask mothers which OBGYN they used, there or ask on any social networking site you may be on (facebook etc) for word of mouth recommendations. :gvibes
  9. Re: Calling all thrush victims....

    Congratulations on making it to 9 weeks of breastfeeding your little one! That is fantatstic. Your nipple will heal in time. Stick with it mama and keep us updated. If your little one is latching...
  10. Re: Calling all thrush victims....

    Connor loved pre-K this last year and really excelled. He is nervous about going to a new school next year for K. :gvibes
  11. Re: Calling all thrush victims....

    Owen just turned three this past Sunday :hb, Connor will be 5 in August. :yikes I'm sure Mr. DJ is as handsome and smart as ever! :love I pop in and read a little when I can, been trying to stay...
  12. Re: Calling all thrush victims....

    The APNO said on my bottle to not let baby ingest, to wipe off before nursing. However Dr. Newman recommended to me the opposite. Eliminating feeding sugars and yeasts for baby (as well as you) is...
  13. Re: Calling all thrush victims....

    I have battled thrush many times and the only thing that worked for my super persistent and skin damaging episodes was Dr. Newman's APNO (all purpose nipple ointment) compound. You can find his...
  14. Re: HELP! what's going on?

    Mama I'm sorry you are stressing about your new bundle! I know how worrisome that can be. :hug Have you contacted your local La Leche League Leader or LC/IBCLC? Thrush can be a hard one to beat, my...
  15. Re: I want to stop stressing about supply

    Congrats on making it to a year!!!! :clap That is a huge accomplishment. :ita

    Are there any reasons that make you think you have had low supply? How much is your does your little one weigh?
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    Re: Piercing Worries...

    Try here, page 5! You can nurse with them in with appropriate jewelry, I'm sure taking them out just while feeding is optimal though. Especially early on! It's called breastfeeding, not nipple...
  17. Re: Husbands role in night feedings if any?

    My DH is the night time parent, he is much more patient on little sleep! As for night time feedings, that is my role. We do not use bottles at all really. On very very few occasions, I hate pumping....
  18. Re: Cow's milk after ONE instead of formula?

    Most formulas are majorly processed cow's milk with added vitamins and minerals that are hard for the body to absorb, along with extremley cheap oils. :shudder I would go to goats, cows, or another...
  19. Re: Wean for birth control?

    I think most moms can relate to this. :eye

    I would not recommend it at your LO's age.

    Here's some information on LAM.

    I got pregnant with DS2, no Aunt Flow at 12mo PP.
  20. Re: Wean for birth control?

    NFP is not hard, no hormones, either abstain sometimes or use a condom. Otherwise have at it. :)
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    Re: Vitamins/supplements

    We take many Garden of Life supplements in our house, they make a prenatal too. I take the womens and b12, and DH takes the mens and b-complex. My kiddos take the DHA, and we all use Ddrops. :gvibes...
  22. Re: Please help me with my nipple pain.

    Bleeding and sharp pain is not the normal course for breastfeeding with a proper latch. I'm sorry you are going through this. :hug

    Have you called your local Leader or contacted an IBCLC? It...
  23. Re: Please help me with my nipple pain.

    Mama, I'm sorry you are hurting!! If you don't mind me asking, have you had this pain the full 8 weeks or were you nursing pain free for a while and now it's back?
  24. Re: Sick of wearing this bra!

    :ita @ the Motherhood sleep bras. Inexpensive too!

    For most nights I just used a prefold under us and one across the boob that was leaking. Tossed them into the diaper pail in the morning. :gvibes
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    Re: Losing the bond

    Beautifully written, TFS. :hug
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