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    Re: Back to work logistics

    Don't worry. It's FINE. Even if the baby won't eat all day and waits for you as babies sometimes do, your baby will then reverse cycle and it will be OK. In the mean time, I think if you didn't give...
  2. Re: Warming fresh milk from refrigerator

    My recommendation is just to leave it out. When I would pump in the morning I would leave the Fresh milk out at room temp. Fresh milk stay good at room temp for up to 8 hours. Then he doesn't have to...
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    Re: Vitamins

    What? Is this a real question PH? Your baby is getting all he needs from your boobs at this age. If you think he needs more vitmins, eat more. My son obviously DOES have very dark skin. I didn't...
  4. Re: Exhausted, do I need to supplement with formula?

    It sounds like you are making enough milk. It could be reverse cycling. At 6.5 months with 7 nursing sessions over night it could ALSO be teeth. When night wakings increase to the point of resentment...
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    Re: Formula at Night

    Find me, when I 1st came to this website it was because I was sure I had stopped producing enough in the evening and was asking about how to safely start to combo feed. It's a common misconception...
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    Re: Co sleeping

    I co-clept with my son from birth. When he was very small I actually kept him on the Moses basket on top of my bed. By about nine weeks I had moved him into the bed with me and was actually having...
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    Re: What to do next?

    No. And when I had one that produced a lot more than the other I always started on the lower side. So that breast got MORE stimulation and the other one got LESS. So I would for the time being start...
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    Re: What to do next?

    Are you wearing a bra with a wire in it? That sounds like it could be the start of mastitus. I would actually move the milk out of that breast more thoroughly than that if you could. That probably...
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    Re: how you all do it!?

    No one in this thread is talking about a 9 month old. And if you advice is to sleep train a newborn? It's bad advice. It's bad for supply and bad for a new born to have food withheld period. Even the...
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    Re: how you all do it!?

    You can't worry about it. That will only lead to failure. The house work can wait. Your partner can bring home take out. This period of time in the beginning is NOT the way it will be long term. But...
  11. Re: Cavities - need some encouragement

    My son had 4 cavities the 1st time he went to the dentist. Which wasn't until he was a bit over 3. But I didn't tell them we were still nursing so they didn't blame it on that. They just did nitrous...
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    Re: How to Wean??

    Yeah based on what you are pulling off now? In terms of pumping a months stash? And feeding solely based on 5 times a day? I wonder how much you could replace if you pumped even just 3 times a day? I...
  13. Re: How long does it take to breastfeed?

    Welcome! How old is your baby? Have you had a weigh in? What exactly makes you think you have low milk?
  14. Re: Feeding 19 to 23 times a day. Tired mom.

    Co-sleeping isn't controversial here. It's mostly an accepted method for getting more sleep. Especially with infants that are breastfeeding. BUT as someone who did it (And still does it some TBH) I...
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    Re: Sleeping through night

    I would just pump enough to take the edge off. And ENJOY IT. (It probably won't last) but enjoy it while it's happening!
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    Re: Help!? Weaning my 1 year old

    Yep. If you are fine nursing while together and are planing to feed 3-5 times in a 24hour you don't actually need to replace your milk. So as long as it's not JUST down for bed at night? But like...
  17. Re: Feeding 19 to 23 times a day. Tired mom.

    Ouch Mama! That IS a ton. Is the situation that she is crying to eat this often or are you feeding her every time she roots? It IS normal to eat every hour while awake, but usually you get at least...
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    Re: Low Milk Supply 101

  19. Re: On the verge of supplementing - need advice

    I mean I guess it's better in the fact that for that week or month before the inevitable happens the baby will still have SOME breastmilk. Yeah. But in terms of saying this? And acting like it's a...
  20. Re: On the verge of supplementing - need advice

    I was so outraged that I didn't see that you bumped it to give it an update, but I still think that the idea that you are going to be able to maintain supply by nursing four times a day is ludicrous....
  21. Re: On the verge of supplementing - need advice

    This is only .05oz short of the minimum amount of in the normal range. Which is anywhere from half and oz a day to two oz a day. So IMO you are SO CLOSE. So the advice you LC gave you was really...
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    Re: opinion on nitrates?

    I thought the issue was age. Like babies don't have what they need to actually process nitrates even if they are naturally occurring until somewhere between 6&9months? As I recall carrots stayed off...
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    Re: A Very Reluctant 4 yr old

    So you are down to once a day? I would think starting to be soo busy in the mornings would help with that. Did he go to Kindy this year? There is no way that my kid could have still nursed in Kindy...
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    Re: Sooo discouraged :(

    And oz a day is good. So you are seeing an improvement with the DOM?
  25. Re: Type of cup for a baby who hasn't had one yet?

    When My son started solids, we did an open cup with a straw. And taught him how to drink out of a straw. I wanted him in the routine of drinking water with dinner and we would just offer him the cup...
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