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    sending milk home?

    I have a well (breast)-fed 11 month old son and have to leave for 5 days to go on a conference. By the time I leave my freezer stash will be down to 42 oz, which will lasts him 2 days or less....
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    Re: How much breastmilk?

    I am still struggling with the same issue. Here is the calculator from http://www.kellymom.com/bf/pumping/milkcalc.html
    What I don't like about this calculator is that it does not take into account...
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    Re: beef? iron?

    thanks for the quick replies! I forgot about this site :blush - I think i got the link in this forum before. thanks so much!!!
    thanks for the tips too!
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    beef? iron?

    Hi, my DS is 6 months and 2 weeks and has been eating solids for the last 2 1/2 weeks.
    I am following a brochure that I have from my European friend, we started with carrots, then carrots and oil,...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep

    there was a thread on this topic somewhere in the forums not too long ago. maybe search for it, because reading it really helped me too.
    if your baby goes to sleep by itself during the night -...
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    Re: need special water?

    thanks everyone . this was really helpful. it really helps me to check in with other mommies, especially when I hear my mom's generation telling me " he needs more tea" or "give him some water".
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    need special water?

    I understand that giving water is not necessary for a BF baby that is starting on solids. however it might help them to drink a little during eating the solids. I have been feeding solids to my 6 Mo...
  8. Re: How long to wait after bfing to offer solids?

    i had some questions about solids in this forum not too long ago and got this great link :clap:

    according to this link, you SHOULD nurse...
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    Re: Six months today!

    :clap :clap
    I am right there with you. yeah! my son is only 4 days older than yours. Mine has only been sick once - with a minor cough that scared me more than him ;)
    What about yours?

    My friend...
  10. Re: starting solids and breastfeeding intervals

    thanks so much! that really helps to see your schedules compared to mine :)
    and THANKS!!!! for the kelly mom link. I guess I just did not look enough, I know there are great resources out there....
  11. starting solids and breastfeeding intervals

    My adorable LO just turned 6 months old and we started him on mashed up carrots this week. He seems to enjoy it a lot, he has been eying our food for a while.
    I am excited about this new step in his...
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    Re: Tips I've learned for my Medela PIS

    thank you so much for sharing!!
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    Re: Poll: How many Oz in bottle

    I have the same issue. My DS gets 3 bottles at 11, 3, and 5 during the days I am at work. My nanny says in the afternoon he does not look satisfied with a 5 oz bottle. He is 5 1/2 months old.
    So I...
  14. Re: When did you LO stop nursing to sleep??

    thanks all these replies have been soooo helpful to me.
    I too think it is so easy to put him to sleep nursing. I used to sing to him when he was a little baby (he is now a big 5 month baby :) ) and...
  15. Re: When did you LO stop nursing to sleep??

    my LO is "only" 5 1/2 month, and I feel I have not slept for a life time. zzzzZZZZ

    I would also like to know how everyone "sleep trained" (or night time parented). I thought I would NEVER do the...
  16. Re: I cant tell if baby is finished nursing

    from what i read here and in some of the literature I think it might be that drinking from a bottle is just so much easier (even if you take the slowest flow nipple). so he might just be like, why is...
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    Re: Speedy Gonzales 5-8 mins..

    mine did that much later (with 4 1/2 month) but i think they just get more efficient.
    I posted a question here too a couple of days ago, because i had the same question - i dont want to "force" him...
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    Re: why I love breastfeeding

    4) it's the most natural thing and thus best for baby (and mommy)
    5) it is nurturing for baby because of the milk and because of the closeness to mommy
    6) its the best weight loss tool that i have...
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    Re: For people who work in cubicles

    thanks I will suggest to them. I had an interesting experience. One of my coworkers noticed that I am pumping in one of the restrooms and she is now trying to get me a better location. really nice....
  20. Re: 5 month old nurses for only a short time

    thanks so much for your replies. Yes, actually my breast feels emptier than before. Today though I tried to offer him the breast 10 or 15 minutes after he pulled way and it worked!!
    and i have this...
  21. 5 month old nurses for only a short time

    Hi, I am new to this forum. I hope I don't post a question that was asked before.
    My 5 month old is starting to get easily distracted when I feed him. So sometimes he only nurses for 4 or 5 minutes...
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    Re: What to do with pump after weaning

    i know you are not supposed to "share" pumps like the Medela PIS. But can you use it for your second (third, ....) child?

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    Re: Medela PISA leaking air?

    I agree - their customer service is great. :cool: Are you double pumping or single pumping? For me the cover that you use when you are single pumping broke pretty soon (which makes air leak when you...
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    Re: For people who work in cubicles

    my employer did not like the idea either :(
    i am in an empty office too, and will have to move into a bathroom soon ......

    can i ask you what other people think about the noise that the pump...
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    Re: Working and pumping logisitics

    Really, why are you not supposed to wash them in between? I always rinse them with water and then pat try with a paper towel. is it bad if some water stays?

    i agree. thanks for a great ressource!
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