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    Re: Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    Thank you everyone for your responses. Without meaning to, I ended up starting a debate on a variety of issues. I agree that routine is better than a schedule (an incorrect word choice in...
  2. HELP - 2 month old sleeping a lot suddenly

    My 2 month old was sleeping reasonably well and having periods of wakefulness during the day and he would play, these lasted about 30-45 min. For the last couple of days, it seems like he is sleeping...
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    Re: Bowel Movements?

    My LO went for 48 hours without pooping in his first week (he is 9 weeks old now) and the ped did invasive etc and he was fine. He just didn't want to poop. Even now he doesn't poop regularly. I used...
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    Re: Advice Needed Please!!

    Try nursing and taking the baby out using a carrier. My LO would calm down the minute outside air hits his skin. It'll pass only to be replaced by other things :-)
  5. Re: Just a note to say hang in there, I made it!

    Thank you for your encouraging note. My LO is exactly 2 months old today and is having a cranky day. Everyone tells me to wait till he is 3 months old and things will get better/smoother. I am glad...
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    Re: nipple confusion in 17-day-old

    :hug , I completely understand your frustration. Try taking a nursing vacation, offer your baby the breast before she gets fussy. They get crazy mad when they get very hungry. Try resting a lot, let...
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    Re: spit up and sleep problem

    My baby used to do that too, in fact still does. Every single thing you mention: cry a lot, spit up a lot, mom saying he is not getting enough etc at around 4 weeks, so a big hug to you. The things...
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    Getting baby on a schedule - please help!

    Hi everyone,

    I would like some advice on how to get my son on a schedule. He is 8 weeks old and feeds about 2-2.5 hours or so apart. I would like to start getting him on a schedule especially...
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    Re: 4wks and still nurses frequently.

    My son is 8 weeks old and still nurses every 2 hours. I was so sure I couldn't do it anymore until around 4 wks, I started pumping milk and I would leave a bottle at home and just go for a walk. It...
  10. Re: Anyone treating their reflux babies with meds?

    My ped prescribed zantac for my son and it works beautifully on him. He's been on it from week 5 (for ~3 weeks now). Although he still spits up, he doesn't cry when doing so and there has been a...
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    Re: Sleeping and eating...


    My LO is 3 days older than yours and he does exactly the same thing. Sleep and cry. After reading your post, I am feeling a little better in that may be I am not doing it all wrong and may be...
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    Re: side sleeping & milk supply


    I was moved by your post. Just last month, I had all the same concerns and was trying so hard to make sure I am doing things right.

    My LO is 7 w/5d old and has been sleeping on his side...
  13. Re: Help I am confused??? VERY LONG SORRY!!


    My LO is 7 wk, 5 days old and the first month, esp the first 2 wks I felt like he was on me all the time. I was very tired and sleep deprived until I started co-sleeping with him. Now, he...
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    Re: A few questions


    I don't have any answers but I wanted to let you know that my 6.5 wk old also fusses a lot when he is awake. He wants to be held even when he is sleeping and I am beginning to wonder if he'll...
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    New Mom (Long post)

    Hi everyone,

    I have a 7 week old boy and I am mentally committed to exclusively breastfeeding him. I am also a student and I could stay home for only 6 weeks. This is my first child and I have a...
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