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    Re: Formula to sleep at night???

    it is a myth that giving formula/solids in the evening will help babies sleep through.
    and ...
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    Re: Rough day...need advice

    I have met 2 women whose little ones needed their tongues snipped recently. The improvement happened almost overnight. Babies need to protrude their tongues when breastfeeding inorder to get...
  3. Re: baby not taking breast well...not eating

    Why don't you try a dream feed? When you lo is asleep lift her to the breast and gently stroke her lip with your nipple.Hopefully she will open her mouth and feed. Express your milk because you don't...
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    Re: Sleep at Night

    My answer would to be to take your baby into your bed. I am sure there are links on this website to tell you how to do this safely. Mummy's who are exclusively breastfeeding are 'in-tune' with their...
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    Re: Lactose Intolerance?

    Just a thought!
    Could your lo be intolerant to dairy and not lactose. this could be remidied by cutting out all dairy from your diet. It does work. Lactose intolerence is really so rare and it may...
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    Re: pumping/expressing while in labor

    If have been reading a book recently called"IMpact of birthing practices on breastfeeding" by Mary kroeger(see LLL books). She strongly feels that this practise has a negative effect on bfing. it...
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    Re: How do I wean???

    At the age of one, your lo should be having plenty of solids during the day so leaving him so you can pursue your activities should not be a problem for him, Just feed him when you come back. The...
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    Re: cute story...

    That is really sweet.
    I have another story.
    My youngest was sat with the other children eating their evening meal. Molly said Mammy's got boobies. I said yes. Molly said "Sophie ( my 14y/o) got...
  9. Re: Getting ready for extended breastfeeding...

    If she is happy with BM and so are you then you just carry on. Here is some info:
    Although there has been little research done on children who breastfeed beyond the age of two, the available...
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    Re: Need to get back to breast 100%

    I would recommend taking to you bed with your little one. every time she needs to feed, breastfeed her. The only way to build up your milk supply is to feed, feed and more feed. If you can get...
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    Re: Breastfeeding beyond 1 yr

    Could you ask your pead whether she has read anything from the WHO and UNICEF.These recommendations ( exclusive until 6 months and then for a minimum( repeat MINIMUM) of 2 years are not just for...
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    Re: How often should she eat?

    COngratulations on the birth of your daughter.
    She is perfectly normal in wanting to feed so frequently. She is building up your supply to suit her need. It will settle down. You willhave days when...
  13. Re: My kid doesnot leave BF even after 2 yrs

    My Youngest dd is 25 months and still feeding like a trooper! She is even gone back to feeding 2 or 3 times a night! I am also a little fed up and tired. I keep on reiminding myself that the world is...
  14. Re: decreased milk supply in late afternoon

    My lo's always fed more late afternoon, early evening:ita . It is perfectly normal for them do do this. You are doing really well to get her back off the formula and onto bf:). She is still quite...
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    Re: Almost 2

    My lo is still a very happy and frequent nurser and she is 2 in 2 weeks. I see no end in sight but hey, she is benefitting from it. Hope she has a happy birthday.
  16. Re: Confused about when to begin weaning 16 month old

    Hi Carla
    You might well be feeling a little sore due to your fertility returning. I know know that several days before my period I don't really want to nurse. We get over it an are now reaching the...
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    Re: when to start ect. ect.

    My first 3 children all weaned from me and onto formula and solid food very early.
    I did not believe my milk would satisfy my dd until she was 6 months old. BUT guess what, once i realised what was...
  18. Re: Does breastmilk change over the months?

    As pp mentioned your milk does change over time.
    This is because your babies requirements over time change, Their physical growth slows (a little) and their brains and skills are increasing.
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    Re: color of breastmilk

    Your milk can be a range of colours so don't worry. Mine has a slight blue taint to it.
    Have you looked on this site about coping with babies with reflux and tips? it is very useful and really...
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    Re: Grrr... not enough milk?

    By this age lo's can be amazingly efficient at getting milk out ( better then any pump can every do!) he might just want little and often at the moment. Are his teeth bothering him? this may explain...
  21. Re: How to resolve disagreement over tongue-tie and DS with pursed lips

    I would also recommend having another opinion.
    I am in the uk and belong to a peer support group - trained by LLLGB. WE had a baby with a slightly tied tongue. At the hosptial the baby was attending...
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    Re: Who in your family knows??

    I am also starting to get comments from family and friends:mad:
    Luckily my dh is right behind me and agrees that it the best for all of us;) He should, he has never got a disturbed night from our...
  23. Temas: Teeth

    by madmotherof4

    Re: Teeth

    I know how your feel. ;) My dd can sometimes leave teeth imprints on my boobs. As the pp suggested go back to your newborn latch and get your positioning right. We have found our nursing cushion has...
  24. Re: When did your LO start "nursing" their toys?

    My dd is 22 months. She started "feeding" about a month ago. Last week she tandoom fed ( which she has never seen) She had a teddy on one side and a dinosaur (T.Rex) on the other. I only wish that I...
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    Re: Have I Made a Huge Mistake?

    I agree with pp. My dd also would not be left with anyone - even dh but she has now gone through that and is very independant and strong willed. I feel extended bf has nothing to do with it. it is...
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