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    Re: Nursing to Sleep

    I don't think this is unusual or bad. My baby is 6 months and almost always nurses to sleep, be it at night or for naps. He has also started to cry if I leave him at night with DH. (Like last night I...
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    Re: Doctors Continue to Amaze Me

    Sometimes I straight out lie..."Why, yes he is sleeping through the night", for instance, with cranky old ladies or people I don't know (who ask this question alot). My previous pedi, I didn't have...
  3. Re: Not normal to nurse all night at 6 months?

    My thoughts exactly. My LO (almost 6 months) eats little snacks most of the night. Neither of us really totally wakes up. He does most of his eating at night and I don't want to take that away from...
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    Re: BF 3 month old 6x a day?

    My first piece of advice would be to offer more often. I found that this helps with my DS when he is too "distracted" to offer me cues. I also pump randomly during the day. I walk by the pump and...
  5. Re: Nursing Necklace--What a HUGE help!

    I got waxed linen cord (since it is small enough to put most beads on). I have a large glass pendant in the middle (I don't let him chew on it b/c he has new teeth), then some wooden beads that are...
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    Re: Milk blister/bleb

    I got a milk bleb on my right side when DS was only a few weeks old. I got rid of it and then it grew back over. I got rid of it again, and it grew over again. It went down (not white/clogged...
  7. Nursing Necklace--What a HUGE help!

    So maybe everyone knew about this little gem all along, and I never got the memo, but Nursing Necklaces are awesome!

    I made my own from some wooden beads (large, with cutouts) and some other baby...
  8. Re: 5 month old STILL nursing all night

    My son is 5 months and does most of his eating at night. It is calm, quiet, and cuddle time. Co-sleeping means i get more sleep (co-sleeping moms report that they sleep better and more than crib or...
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    Re: killing my libido?

    Of all things...my husband things that the breastpump looks "fun"...:yikes. It makes me feel like a cow in a barn, and it makes him think "fun" thoughts. Men are interesting creatures.

    I am self...
  10. Re: Teething and Nursing Pattern Changes

    Is there really no other mommas here that have experienced this? Is my LO just a weird "angry eater"? :shrug

    He is only at about 20-30% on the WHO weight charts...I can't afford to have too many...
  11. Re: Supplementing: solids vs. formula

    I am kinda with you...anything should be better than formula. I would at least see if you can cut the night time formula bottle down to 2-4 oz and give some solids at night an hour or so before bed....
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    Re: mastisis? help :(

    I had it when DS was about 1 month old. I stayed in bed and nursed, nursed, nursed. I felt like a hot mess, but it was better in a few days. From what my books say, if you rest and feel slightly...
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    Re: killing my libido?

    This is not only normal, but pretty common. :o I am having this issue as well. I think that part of my issue is that by the end of the day, I am all "touched out"...I have had my LO attached to me...
  14. Teething and Nursing Pattern Changes

    My son, (5 months), has been teething for about a month and has pushed through 2 teeth already. He is still working on some more it seems. I know that his mouth is hurting, and I give him natural...
  15. Re: can't stand the DR. a little vent...

    If we cut out night feeding my DS would not eat much at all! He snack nurses in the day and chows down at night. Continue the night nursing and don't worry about the doc. If you like him and he...
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