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  1. Re: Domperidone & weight loss... or should I say lack there of...

    weird. I went down to my pre-reg weight by 4 weeks PP and then am back up 10 pounds heavier by 8 weeks PP and I'm on Dom too. I just started at the gym; I'll have to keep a lookout for my weight...
  2. Re: need help getting baby back on the breast

    I do have a wrap and a sling, so maybe I'll try wearing him more and the bath thing and see what happens. It doesn't look like the SNS is going to work for us.
  3. Re: need help getting baby back on the breast

    Jolie, yes. that would be great. I have tried the Medela SNS and and Lact-Aid. The medela just never worked the way it's supposed to- it would only work if I was holding it above my head. I used one...
  4. need help getting baby back on the breast

    I have a complicated story; my baby has never really nursed well. We've been working with Oral Motor therapists on his muscles, and he's getting better. I've been pumping since he was born on April...
  5. Re: getting discouraged with supply and his latch

    Thanks for getting back to me!

    The implants aren't through the nipple-they are under the breast and the incision is inderneath...

    I've used a Playtex Embrace, a Purely Yours, and a Pump In...
  6. Re: getting discouraged with supply and his latch

    seriously? no one on the whole board has a response?

    Did I miss something about having to post for a while before I start a topic, or something?
  7. getting discouraged with supply and his latch

    my son is 5 weeks old. He was tongue tied and was clipped at 3 days. He still never latched well, and our ped referred us to an oral motor therapist (ped is a lactation consultant as well as a Dr.)...
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    Re: Not sure if I have supply issue

    I have implants and thought I had supply issues too, due to much of the same things that caused your problems last time; This time I did have medication, herbs, and a hospital pump at the ready,...
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    Re: Any advice appreciated!

    I have implants over the muscle too and have/had very similar issues with my 3 week old. I am taking medication to boost my supply since in addition to the implants i have a baby with a weak suck.
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