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  1. Re: How to cope with weaning psychologically

    I recently weaned my 2yo twins. They were ready and I was happy to be moving on from this stage. But I was a total basketcase for a couple of months afterward--crying, irritable, depressed,...
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    Re: How do you gently wean?

    My twins are 23 mos. and I have been deliberately weaning for the last six or seven months. It is hard with two at the breast, especially twins since when they see one get milk, they both want it. ...
  3. Re: Feeding for longer than a year? Advi

    I also had a very rough start with bf and planned to stop at 1 year when I returned to work. I've put in a second year with my twins and am so glad I did. I know I've given them as much as I can in...
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    Re: Give me a BREAK!

    Totally normal feelings!! I have bf my twins for almost two years. I totally get it. Lie down, pull shirt up, try to distract self while two giant babies scramble all over, kicking, poke me in the...
  5. Re: Timing weaning with big move, need some help from experienced Mommas!

    K- I am with some of these other moms, bfing while traveling is SO much easier than trying to plan, pack and feed baby food on the go. And it is such a useful back-up if they won't eat or there are...
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    Re: Our Weaning...

    I have 18-mo-old twins that I am starting to wean. I just go to a point and realized, hey, I need sleep. I need to have some say over when I take my shirt off! It's OK for me to say, I don't feel...
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    Sharp little teeth

    I have been nursing twins for 14 mos. Recently, the one with both upper and lower teeth is just tearing up my nipple when she nurses. She isn't clamping down or really biting. It's just like her...
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    Alternatives to Cow's Milk??

    I am wanting to slowly wean my 12-month-old twins. We still bf 4 or 5 times a day but I am back at work part-time and don't really want to pump. I nurse them before I go to work, around 7 am, and...
  9. Re: Transitions and Weaning???? Long, Sorry!

    My twins just turned 1 year old and I am still nursing them 4 - 6 times a day. Some days I am so over it I'm ready to throw in the towel and put them on formula!

    My girls were also up ALL NIGHT...
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    Re: Can I wean at one year?

    Thanks for all the advice, especially about consulting a nutritionalist. And I can imagine having a totally different attitude if I could sleep through the night! DD1 seems to be making this...
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    Can I wean at one year?

    I have been bfing twins for 8 months now and I am exhausted. I go back to work just before their first birthday and had planned to wean them at one year old. They have been eating solids 3x a day...
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    Re: Newbie needing major advice

    Barley is also supposed to help increase your milk. Worth a try.
  13. Re: OS, OALD, Fore-Hind imbalance w/3.5 mo old?

    Don't give up! I think it is possible to be successful bfing and use the pump sometimes. I have been struggling with some of the same questions since my twins started sleeping longer and I get very...
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    Re: Sttn?

    Yes, last night my twins were still sleeping after 6 hours and I didn't know what to do. I found myself standing in the dark hallway between bedrooms thinking wake them? don't wake them? wake...
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    Too Engorged to Sleep

    My 10-wk old twins are starting to sleep longer at night (5 or 6 hours between feeds) but I still wake up every 3 hours very engorged. I had been pumping every 3 - 4 hrs at night and letting dh...
  16. Re: Who on here is a SAHM that pumps and stores?

    Wow, extra milk!?! I have twins so anything I do pump gets used up pretty quick. I also got sick and almost had to stop bfing for a while. I wished that I had a store in the freezer. Sounds like...
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    Re: Need to vent about TSA at airport

    What a lousy thing to happen!! I know what it feels like to lose milk. I pumped two bottles that never got put in the fridge. I cried for two hours and almost quit bfing because it was just the...
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    Re: do you like nursing?

    I am a first-time mom, bfing twins for 2 months so far and I haven't enjoyed it much. With two young babies the feeding is constant. I've had terrible nipple pain, even with the help of LC's and...
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    Re: End to Engorgement??

    Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't know peppermint would reduce my milk??

    Before the mastitis I was just pumping before bed, middle of the night, and maybe in the morning if they were not...
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    End to Engorgement??

    I am wondering if the cycle of breast engorgement ends at some point. I have 2 mo. old twins who nurse every couple of hours during the day. My breasts stay pretty soft during the day. However, if...
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