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  1. Re: Going back to work and continuing to breastfeed

    I am a first time mom too, so just giving you my advice on our routine. My little one nurses between 4 -6 am, when I get home between 4-6pm and before bed at 8pm. I stopped pumping at work about 2...
  2. Re: Weaning off nipple shield... Need some reassurance.

    Just to give you one more piece of hope, my daughter weaned from the nipple shield at about 4 months. I had nightmare visions of washing that darn nipple shield in the middle of the night for the...
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    Re: Starting solids, dilemma

    We also did a combined approach -- mainly BLS, but she occasionally gets spoonfed with yogurt, silken tofu, or homemade chicken noodle soup. My little one is a great eater now and really has no time...
  4. Re: Solids and the working mama's schedule!

    my little one stays home with my husband and around 7-8 months, we started trying to do 2 meals. We also do BLS and some were meals were better recieved than others. My little one loves roasted...
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    Re: Made it to 1 Year!

    Yay! Congratulations!
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    Re: Reassurance please

    I completely agree with previous post. I was in tears about 2 weeks ago and happened to have an extra membrane in my bag. I switched & I immediately pumped my usual amount.

    It is so hard to tell...
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    Re: Reassurance please

    My little one is almost the same age as yours and it sounds like our pump output has been about the same. I have noticed just this week, I have been getting more like about 8 oz aday and my little...
  8. Re: New BF position: mechanical bull rider

    My little one is 11 months (today!) and we still mostly nurse in the cradle position as well. We do still use the boppy for naps and nighime.

    I have my ipad set up handsfree so I can read a novel...
  9. Re: Night away from EBF baby at 4 months?

    I realized after I posted -- thanks karrieperry -- that I didn't even think about your baby refusing a bottle since mine took one occasionally from about 1 month old and then regularly once I went...
  10. Re: Night away from EBF baby at 4 months?

    I am a physician and have to take about 2 overnight calls a month at the hospital. I started when I my little girl was 3 months. My husband stays with her and some nights are harder than others. I...
  11. Re: pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    I have been working on having my little one hold her lovey or the extra fabric of my shirt & it seems to be working. I still often have one finger curled in my mouth -- as that is her new favorite...
  12. Re: pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    I don't have any advice. Just wanted to share that my little one at 10 months does the same thing. I was actually thinking about posting the same question!

    I have tried to use a necklace, her...
  13. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    I successfully weaned from the nipple shield! My little girl is 9.5 months and is exclusively breast fed. She gets bottles during the day while I am at work. Much like you, I hated that darn...
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