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    Re: setting limits

    I've always been very firm about unacceptable behavior like that. When they first started grabbing me to nurse I taught them the sign for milk and ever since then they don't nurse unless they ask...
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    Re: Our Weaning went great!

    Oh that's wonderful. And very encouraging, we're at the point where they nurse only a few times a week, so I guess it won't last much longer. I want them to end it on their own terms, but I'm not...
  3. Re: Please help sleep deprived and at wits end.....

    One of mine went through a really rough patch last week too. It was because we had a sitter put them down to sleep so we could go out, which is not what we normally do. She got me back with a full...
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    Re: BF at Daycare and night nursing

    I pumped and worked. They stopped getting EBM while I was away by about 11 months, they had water instead. A 12 month old only needs to nurse a minimum of 3x a day. I would have them give her water...
  5. Re: Partially night weaning - DH's help is iffy, how can I do this on my own?

    High needs babies can be really wearing. One of my twins is like this, and from day one she screamed all the time and nothing works but me, and sometimes not even that. When they were 18 months I was...
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    Re: Solid and BF

    Our ped had us combine nursings and solid food feeding, so I nursed then sat them in the chair and fed them whatever they wanted to eat, but made sure there were about 3hr between nursing/food so...
  7. Re: Weaning 13 month old: dropping/adding feedings

    Yeah I know it's hard. I had to enlist DH's help for it, and two nights of him settling her down worked much faster than weeks of me being wish washy. I think when I first thought about night-weaning...
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    Re: will my milk dry help me please!!!!!!

    Oh, and mine had horrible gas while we had to give formula too. The best thing to do is get him off the formula. I also had to cut out some things from my diet like dairy and broccoli.
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    Re: will my milk dry help me please!!!!!!

    We had to supplement a bit in the beginning too b/c I hemorrhaged and my milk was delayed. If you did not nurse while he was in the hospital and did not pump your milk may not have come in as well as...
  10. Re: Weaning 13 month old: dropping/adding feedings

    I had to night-wean mine at 15 months because one of them thought it was an all-night buffet and I was going crazy from lack of sleep. It didn't fix all our sleep problems, my compulsive nurser is...
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    Re: Weaning himself?

    No. Babies don't wean themselves that young. 4x a day is normal for a 9 month old, he can get enough milk that way. Babies that age tend to get a lot more distractable so will spend less time at the...
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    How long till they're done?

    My twins are 27 months old. They have slowly been dropping nursings since last summer. When they started skipping one on a regular basis I've cut it out, and now we're down to one. Even that they...
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    Re: She Threw her sippy at me

    That's hilarious! Mine have had no interest in any kind of milk from a cup until now that they're close to weaning themselves, but they're two years old and some change at this point.
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    Re: Wakes up 4 or 5 times per night

    I stopped pumping when mine were 11 months. She only needs to nurse 3x a day at her age, and it sounds like she's getting more than enough at night. Mine just got water while I was gone at that age,...
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