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    Re: 3 year old- suggestions?

    did she tell you she was done or did you suggest it?
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    Re: 3 year old- suggestions?

    Yeah, I think potty training and her own bed are the priority, then weaning. I just thought maybe I can start talking to her about it now, but I don't want to freak her out with too much at once...
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    3 year old- suggestions?

    dd turned 3 on 10/10 and is still nursing. She only nurses to sleep and early in the morning before getting up (& the occasional nap time on the weekend). I would like to gently wean her soon (I'd...
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    Re: Help with 2 yr old night nursing

    I went through this with dd and mostly night weaned her pretty quickly & fairly painlessly. I think when they're 2, they understand a little better. I explained before we went to bed, that after...
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    setting boundaries?

    What are some ways you have been able to set boundaries for nursing with your toddler? DD is 2yrs & 9 mos old & still nurses morning, night, & nap and I'm ok with that. But there are times she just...
  6. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    dd says "that's brother milkie & that's sister milkie- they're twins" :lol
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    Re: 22 month old weaning?

    fwiw, dh had the same thought in his head about weaning at 2, but we just continued and it's so normal & natural, now she's 2yrs & 9mos old & still nursing
  8. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    when you go bra shopping and your toddler tries to leap at you off the seat in the dressing room with her mouth open wide because she sees milkies and then a minute later is trying on the bras in the...
  9. Re: Anyone else still use a boppy or pillows?

    dd was around 2 when she stopped using it, she started wanting it less then eventually just stopped getting it- I think she was running out of room on it anyway :)
  10. Re: Night Weaning Starting Tonight. BTDT?

    if you cosleep, wear a shirt with a high neckline during the times you don't want them nursing. It gets easier after the first night or two.
  11. Re: 10 Mo. old biting while feeding!

    You can try holding him very close while nursing- makes it harder for them to slide back & bite- while they're latched/nursing correctly, their teeth aren't in position to bite. Also, you can try...
  12. Re: What funny things does your two year old say while nursing?

    "I want two super-milkies" :hero :lol
  13. Re: I thought we were cutting down on nursing...

    You can cut down the number of sessions without completely weaning. It doesn't have to be all or nothing. Is your lo cutting any teeth? Sometimes that will make them want to nurse more for a...
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    Re: Calories?

    yes, after age 1, they should have no problems nutritionally with not night nursing.
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    Re: I miss underwire!

    I got a fitting at a local lingeries store as well & bought a Leading Lady underwire there. Also purchased a Leading Lady & LLL underwire on this site which was great also includes sizing/measuring...
  16. Re: What funny things does your two year old say while nursing?

    dd is now negotiating- I told her she could watch one episode of Caillou before bed and she says- "1 Caillou and 2 milkies"...
    Last night she wanted milkies before dinner and she kept asking me-...
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    Re: nursing two year old- so funny

    yeah, she's hysterical. and yes, she's 28mos old & speaks in lots of sentences- I'm a proud mama. I love having a place to share these stories where people "get it".
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    nursing two year old- so funny

    DD was riding in her car seat the other day with a headband in her ears like a stethoscope- looks at me, and says "I'm a doctor, lay down and let me see your milkies". :rofl Only other mommies...
  19. Re: where are you at with Nursing your toddler over 2?

    dd is 26 mos old & nurses more than I thought she would at this age- morning, nap time (unless she falls asleep in the car) & bedtime for sure & often when we get home from work ( & if I don't put a...
  20. Re: 3YO Nurser needs tooth extraction what to do about nursing?

    dd broke a front tooth a few months ago & had it removed ( she is 2), I just couldn't nurse her after bedtime beforehand because of the sedative, but let her nurse afterward although she only nursed...
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    Re: We made it to 2!!!

  22. Re: need advice on night weaning/partial weaning

    yes. I would be very happy with a night time compromise like that. Once we get the middle of the night sessions done, I think I'll try that.
  23. need advice on night weaning/partial weaning

    I am looking to start cutting back on nursing dd who is 2 now, I don't want to completely wean yet until she's ready, but both because she has developed a few cavities (not blaming it on night...
  24. Re: Great moments of nursing a toddler...

    oh yeah, dd does "tickle tickle milkies"

    Lately she's saying daddy doesn't have milkies, grammy no milkies, and then smiles saying mommy has milkies

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    Re: upper incisors removed!

    :hug I totally understand what you're going through. dd's enamel wasn't fully formed on her top 2 teeth when they came in & I asked the pedi about them but she wasn't too concerned. Now I know that...
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