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    Taking singulair while BF?

    I have a prescription for singulair, but since I only need to take sometimes I have not taken while BFing. However, we are having a particularly bad allergy season this year and now I am wondering if...
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    Re: 2 yo begging for cow's milk

    I would go ahead and give her the cow's milk when she asks for it. maybe try giving her about 4 oz at a time. The thing with weaning is it happens slowly and if she wants to nurse she will, if she...
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    Re: I need help

    Just an idea: Maybe you can talk to your child and suggest that he not talk about nursing when others are around? Or maybe you could suggest a code word(you could tell him it is a secret code that...
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    Re: still leaking

    I have always had problems with too much milk and with my DS, I leaked until I was PG with my DD when he was around 1. DD is now 1 and I still am wearing nursing pads(mostly as a caution since I only...
  5. Re: HELP Colostrum after 2 years of nursing.

    Is there any chance it was a false negative? If she had colostrum due to PG she would Probably be like 4-5 months, = February? Just a thought. I would definitely see a Dr to completely rule out PG if...
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    Re: We are now beyond one!!

    Yeah! go you! We just got here too! From my experiance with my son who is now 2.5, they reduce their nursing after a year or so, and it makes it easier on you cause you can leave them with Dad or...
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    Made it to 1!

    M DD is 1 yo today and we are still going strong with breastfeeding! I am thrilled since she was 9 weeks early, so we have had plenty of problems, but we made it!:clap I am hoping to nurse till she...
  8. Re: Owen had his 4 Month well-baby visit...

    I just saw this and thought that I would post.
    We go to a family practice. I asked the NICU before we left and they were fine with it. Our Dr. is pretty good with her being premie but I do usually...
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    Re: what is going on?!

    Yes teething can actually cause all those problems including spitting up, although I think if the spitting up is frequent I think it would more likely be a tummy issue. My DD has been doing the same...
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    Treating thrush question

    Okay, my DD has a yeast rash on her bum and I have it on my nipples. I have looked several times and do not see any signs of thrush in her mouth. My question is, do I need to treat her mouth, or can...
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    Re: Itchy Red Ring On Breasts

    I sometimes get an itchy red rash that is not thrush in the area where my babies gums go when latched on and sometimes it gets bigger. I believe it is exzema/dry skin. I treat it with lanolin to keep...
  12. Re: Help with pumping for my 25 week preemie

    Welcome and hang in there momma! I just wanted to say that it is possible to drink too much water and it has been known to inhibit milk production. Don't drink water just because your supposed to....
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    Re: 9 month old eating schedule?

    Well, DD is 9 mo. and it does vary, sometimes widely:
    6- wake up, nurse back to sleep
    8-wake up for real, nurse a few minutes, play
    10- nurse to sleep for morning nap
    12- wake up, eat(some...
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    Re: How much do your LO's weigh?

    I have another one to add to the smaller list. DD is 9 mo. and weighs in right at 16 lbs. She was 2 months preemie but is even small for that. It doesn't bother me though, I was a tiny baby and my...
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    Re: polyethy glycol

    I was under the impression(I could be wrong) that the Kellymom "guidelines" that talk about how long baby can go without poop where for EBF babies that had not started solids yet. I know it is still...
  16. Re: Cracked/bleeding nipples at 9 months!!

    I have recently had a similar problem, only it was only 1 side that got sore and blistered, and my DD is the same age as your kiddo. I was starting to get very frusterated, especially since I was...
  17. Re: Breastfeeding and a bridesmaid- advice wanted

    Thanks for the tips! I never would have thought to watch how tight the bra was(silly me, especially since I tend to have over supply). All good tips and hopefully everything will go well and my...
  18. Breastfeeding and a bridesmaid- advice wanted

    Well, My friend is getting married at the end of may and I am in the wedding. My DD is still nursing and will be 10.5 mo old at the time of the wedding. She will not take a bottle and is still...
  19. Re: Help give me peace of mind-getting enough hind milk?

    ditto with the compresions. also, you can try going from the cradle hold to a football hold on the same side, it sometimes works to "trick" baby into thinking you switched sides even though you...
  20. 7 months distracted eater making me sore!

    OK my DD is 7 months and she has been a very distracted nurser lately. It would not bother me much because I know it's "just a phase" except that she just turns her head to look and tries to take my...
  21. Re: Frustrated with breastfeeding a non-eater

    This is true alot of the time, but not always. I have a fast letdown and the nipple shield actually slowed down the flow, keeping her from getting as much milk. But we are weird in that way.:lol
  22. Re: Another foremilk/oversupply question

    The foremilk you are pumping seems like a normal amount to me, but do you double pump at work, or just pump one side? I have heard of moms with OS issues that would get there supply under control...
  23. Re: Frustrated with breastfeeding a non-eater

    :hug If he is latching on and nursing some then you are way ahead of alot of preemies. You are not failing and with time, he will get better!
    You know how with your other kids they likely all of the...
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    Re: This isn't OALD....

    My DD went through the same thing about that age. I think my DS did too. I'm still not 100% sure what it was, I think it may have been pre-teething. yes I know it sounds way early, my dd was 2 months...
  25. Re: Transition from NICU schedule to more of a demand schedule - HOW?

    I only have a few comments.
    the paci issue I think is an individual choice. If you think your supply is good enough and are not worried about nipple confusion, etc. then you could go ahead and give...
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