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    Combination feeding

    LO goes to daycare/I go back to work end of January when he will be 12 weeks :( I would really like to continue BF but it is not an option for me to pump at work (my own choice, not because work is...
  2. Is it normal for one breast to produce more??

    I'm wondering if it is normal for one breast to produce more milk than the other and if there's any way (or need) to try to "even them out" so that the one lacking will produce more? For example, I...
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    How to combine breastmilk??

    Is it ok to combine expressed milk from different days that is frozen?? For example, if I have a bag of 2oz from one day and a bag of 1oz from a few days later can I just thaw them (either in fridge...
  4. Interested in starting to express sometimes-need help!!

    I have been EBF for the past 3 weeks (so not very long) but I am wanting to start introducing a bottle or two per day of expressed milk so that I can run errands sometimes without having to worry if...
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