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    HELP! Menstral period

    Hello Everyone,

    I need some advice. I plan on calling my OBGYN but wanted some perspective before I do.

    MY LO is five months old and I'm 40 years old. I was instructed by hospital staff to go...
  2. Re: cuts on nipples - IMPORTANT - need help now

    Dear Moms from this post,

    Thank you for all your support and advice. I need more though. My cuts are getting bigger and they reopen when nursing. I can't seem to get a good latch all the time. ...
  3. Re: cuts on nipples - IMPORTANT - need help now

    ps: Thank you Andrea for cutting and pasting article. I really appreciate it.
  4. Re: cuts on nipples - IMPORTANT - need help now

    Thanks Mamas for your help. I have more information to share though. The cuts are definitely red and they no longer look like paper cuts. They've gotten a little bigger, probably look like tiny...
  5. Re: cuts on nipples - IMPORTANT - need help now

    Thanks so much for this but the link isn't working.
    And yes, I'm in pain, not all the time. It hurts when water is spraying on me in the shower, but then again my shower head is pretty harsh. It...
  6. cuts on nipples - IMPORTANT - need help now


    I have a four month old baby and have been exclusively breastfeeding. I have very long nipples and he's also started teething. Lately he doesn't latch on well and I've noticed a couple of...
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    Re: menstration and breastfeeding

    Thanks much Mamas. I appreciate it.
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    menstration and breastfeeding

    Dear Moms,

    I've been bled four days in the last 10, each just for a day. I'll bleed one day, just a little, then I won't bleed for three days. Then it starts up again. Is this something I...
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    Re: Very heavy baby!

    Don't fret, Mom. My 10 week old, now almost 12 weeks, weighed in at 15 lbs 12 oz. (He's probably 16 lbs by now.) My ped told me he was the size of a four month old. I also expressed concern on...
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    Re: Ready to give up...

    Don't give up, Mama. I had problems too. First with oversupply and then low supply. Fenugreek worked wonders for me. Also, eating oatmeal and smearing coconut oil on a piece of toast is great...
  11. Re: 11 week old the size of four month old

    Thanks Moms!! You all are awesome and I feel so much better now. This is great advice and I really appreciate it. I'm actually looking for another ped. My current one basically berated me for...
  12. Re: A step away from having to use formula!! HELP!!!

    Fenugreek worked wonders for me. I also ate oatmeal and would smear 2 Tbs of coconut oil on toast every morning. That also works wonders.

    Check out this book. It's awesome. There's a whole...
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    Re: 3 week old falls asleep nursing

    The foremilk is what makes baby sleepy. But I would dab a cold wash cloth on your baby's face or squeeze their hands. That wakes them up.
  14. 11 week old the size of four month old

    Dear Moms,

    My 11 week old son is the size of a four month old according to the pediatrician. He's 15 lbs 12 oz. I'm nursing him 8 times a day and I'm concerned I'm feeding him too much. He's...
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    Re: No milk today!!!

    Hello Moms!

    I'm concerned about this too. I recently have had to introduce formula to my baby because I didn't have enough supply to keep up with his demand. And it really, really upset me. I...
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    Re: Lansinoh and Ameda products

    try this link.

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    Re: Lansinoh and Ameda products

    Thanks so much Pennmommy!!! I didn't realize they were the same pump. I just found something on Amazon and wanted to share:
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    Lansinoh and Ameda products

    Hello everyone,

    I'm using the Lansinoh double breast swing pump and I've found the flange to be too tight around my nipple making it swollen and red. I'd like to get a bigger flange but the only...
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    Re: Breast feeding and bottle feeding

    My baby is over 6 weeks old. I first had seriously engorged breasts which led to an oversupply. Now these last couple of weeks I thought I had a low supply problem so I asked a lactation consultant...
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    Breast feeding and bottle feeding

    Hello all,

    I'm just about to start pumping to get my baby used to the bottle and to allow my husband to feed the baby. I'd like some guidance as to how to do this so I can manage my milk supply...
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