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    Poll: Re: What's the longest you bf your child for?

    Twins at 14 months in two days - and that was my breastfeeding goal, so I'm happy. We'll probably do CLW.
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    Re: nursing necklace?

    I've never heard of this before, but I've actually started wearing a durable necklace in the last couple days and I've had less eye-poking and such with my twins lately. Instead, they both play with...
  3. Re: Nursing at this age is more about bonding and cuddling than nutrition

    Okay, I'm going to go with your doctor on this one, if the statement is as stated above. He's not saying that breastfeeding isn't about nutrition, he's just saying that the bonding and cuddling is...
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    Re: What is Maximum Milk Production????????????

    I could only pump 1 oz. an hour after my twins nursed in the evenings when I pumped. When I pumped during a work day, I pumped more like 8 to 12 oz. most times. I actually *did* have oversupply,...
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    Re: Question For Working Moms

    I think a lot of moms couldn't do it. I would probably be OK at my current job but it would be tough - I would need to work ten-hour days that week each month to get my full paycheck, but my DH's...
  6. Re: Moms with OS/OALD tell me your success story

    I don't know your background - haven't been around for a while. But here's our story.

    I breastfeed twins, now 14 months. At around 4 to 6 weeks (I don't really remember anymoe) Lenora was...
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    Should I pump out foremilk?

    So, here's the story so far:

    I'm the mother of twin girls born April 1st, 2006. Early on, we had some lactose overload problems because I was consuming too much sugar - one girl had...
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    Re: So does OALD sort itself out....

    I've heard that milk supply normally regulates by 3 mos., but that for oversupply (those of us who *need* it to regulate!) it can often take between 6 and 9 mos. Sorry, don't recall the source . . ....
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