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    nursing strike... is this the end?

    these past months since i made the decision to BF my daughter again have been so wonderful. i've never felt so close to her. we've been through a few nursing strikes before that were only a few...
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    Re: relactation? still not sure.

    i read you post in the newborn section. i'm so sorry you went through so much =(. i think it's hard enough to have a new baby without adding to the stress. i'm really not sure what the chances are...
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    Re: Support for extended breastfeeding

    i think extended bfing is such a wonderful thing. my mom nursed both me and my sister until we were around 3. i was not able to bf my son (lack of education =( ) but i was able to relactate when my...
  4. Re: *I stopped breastfeeding, Now I want to start back*

    hi sabrina! i'm really just repeating what everyone else said but it NOT too late. i started nursing my daughter again when she was 7 1/2 months old. it took a lot of patience but she is now...
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