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  1. Re: Starting sippy cups @ 4mo, won't take bottles

    Have you tried other types/brands of bottles? With my DD we tried 6 different bottles before we found one that she liked. Babies have different preferences and sometimes it just takes some trial and...
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    Re: Night weaning.

    He rarely nurses during he night anymore. The thing that helped the most was DH going in to soothe him back to sleep for a couple weeks just to break the habit. Unfortunately, he really isn't...
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    Re: Night weaning.

    I think we're going to night wean. DH is on board (as much as he can be on board about getting up with DS instead of me). I am thinking we will start on a Friday night so we can nap while DS naps...
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    Night weaning.

    DS is 2.5 years and still wakes at least once a night and asks to nurse. I would like to night wean him, but am torn. This is my last baby, so part of me doesn't want to let go, but the other part of...
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    Re: Turning head sideways?

    Could her neck be out of place?
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    Re: did i do something wrong? period?

    With DD AF came back at 8 months, we nursed until she was just over 3. With DS AF came back at about 18 months PP and he is still nursing. My supply usually does drop a bit just before AF starts, but...
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    Re: leaky bags

    When I was pumping I had some troubles with the Lansinoh bags. If you hold the bag so you are looking at the back, ther were small holes just under the right side of the zipper closure. There were a...
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    Re: And we're done

    :hug aw, heather. Congrats on making it so far, but I can totally understand your sadness.:hug
  9. Re: Got stomach flu, need IV hydration via ER, now supply is sooooo low

    First of all, hope you are feeling better. :gvibes as for the dip in supply, it is pretty normal after you have had a stomach bug. The most important things you can do to get your supply back up is...
  10. Re: still getting those antibodies :)

    So, so true. There is currently a chicken pox outbreak where I live and a measles outbreak in MN. We don't vax so it really is imperative that DS continue nursing so he can get those antibodies and...
  11. Re: Help - Baby bit me, now blood in milk

    You can keep doing what you are doing. It is OK for baby to have the milk with the blood in it. Just make sure you let your nipples dry after you pump or nurse.
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    Re: Blood from nipple?

    I would guess that you have a cracked nipple. This happened to me once with DD. I looked down at what I had pumped and it was red :yikes. I called the LC at the clinic and everything and she...
  13. Re: Breastfeeding uncomfortable before period

    Absolutely. Sometimes I want to jump right out of my skin.

    Your supply can dip a bit in the couple of days before your period starts. The discomfort is probably due to the normal nipple...
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    Re: Quick! I need some encouragement

    :ita:ita:ita The moby was a lifesaver for us. It allowed DS to be close to mama and it allowed mama to tend to DD without putting DS down, so everyone got what they needed!
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    Re: Prevacid tablets...any tricks?

    What we did when DD was on Prevacid was break the tablet into 2-3 pieces and put it in a syringe. Put the plunger back in the syringe and suck up some water that will dissolve the tablet and the...
  16. Re: freaking out a bit...supply dip at 8 months

    Do you have any symptoms that your period is coming? It is very common for a supply dip just before your period starts, and once it does everything typically goes back to normal.

    Also, are you...
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    Re: Reusing Lansinoh bags

    ITA with PP. I would think the integrity of the bag would be compromised if reused.
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    Re: Has anyone tried the herb fenugreek

    :ita WSS. I used fenugreek as well, but I pumped every single chance I got, too. I would even pump after DD's night feedings. It made for a tired mama, but it worked.
  19. Re: What pump replacement parts do I need?

    When I took mine out of storage, I replaced the membranes and just boiled everything for 5-10 mins (except the tubing). HTH!
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    Re: Hi from a first time mommy

    Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, eating well, and getting plenty of rest. When I was having supply issues with my DD, I ate oatmeal, took fenugreek and pumped after every feeding, day and...
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    Re: When did your period return?

    With DD it came back at 9 months. DS is 13.5 months and it is not back yet. Part of me hopes it never comes back.:lol
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    Re: Just need some encouragement *sigh*

    Looks like you gave gotten some great advice already. Very happy to see how committed you are to BFing. WTG, mama!
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    Re: Help & Advice

    :ita with pps. Molars are a pain, and who knows, your DD could magically go down to a couple time a day next week. They are just so unpredictable when they are that age.:gvibes
  24. Re: OBGYN recommended weaning before I get pregnant. Not sure.

    My OB wanted me to wean before I got pregnant, too. I did not follow her advice and wean as I know several mmas on here had nursed throught pregnancies. DD self weaned just after her 3rd birthday, a...
  25. Re: Single or double pump/ how to decide which?

    :ita:ita:ita I work full time and couldn't imagine the time it would take me to pump with a single pump. Get an electric double. It's worth it's weight in gold.:D.
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