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  1. Re: Nursing at this age is more about bonding and cuddling than nutrition

    Great question!

    I think some research may shed some light on what we mothers already know:

    "Research shows that babies may benefit from nursing beyond one year. One benefit is nutrition....
  2. Re: Is it ok to take fish oil supplements while nursing?

    Cod liver oil is very high in vitamin A, so some mothers choose to take fish oil with anchovies, mackerel, sardines or other types of fish in it to avoid getting too much vit. A in addition to their...
  3. Re: Sick baby, refusing solids and loosing weight

    And poor mommy, too! :hug

    I am so sorry to hear things are so difficult right now! :hug
    Good for you to come here for support right now. Do ask any questions, too, if you feel you want any...
  4. Re: Help!! How do you wean the determined nurser?

    It sounds like you have truly determined nurser! Many mothers can identify with your situation, and if it helps, it is very common, depending on a child's unique personality, to be "in love" with...
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    Weaning Parade!

    Not intended to send a message, other than it is cute. (That's my brief "disclaimer".)

    Non-LLL page below. What a neat idea! I have heard of the weaning party with cake idea, and I will add this...
  6. Re: Favorite discussion moments about weaning?

    Update: It looks like I am incorporating some of the ideas listed here for tomorrow's meeting. The last Series meeting (in the Series of four meeting topics), for those who are less familiar with LLL...
  7. Re: Favorite discussion moments about weaning?

    Thanks, everyone, for your input thus far. I have until Thursday to gather ideas, so keep them coming! It's great!
  8. Favorite discussion moments about weaning?

    Hi, mothers! I am an LLL Leader and am planning a Series meeting this month around the topic of weaning. I am hoping to get some feedback here that might help me in planning the meeting for mothers...
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    Re: any experience with Babywise?

    I appreciate the post earlier on LLL's stance on scheduling feedings for newborns. There are many ways to find solutions for sleep for mom and baby and ways to meet baby's needs that complement,...
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    Re: did you PLAN to nurse past 1 year?

    Edit to add: I wrote the post below *before* reading page 4 of this thread, so excuse the redundancy. But it's all here, FWIW!

    This discussion has been interesting to follow. I'd like to add in a...
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    Re: I plan to breastfeed past 12 months

    I know this one! It can be found in The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. I used that quote in a Series meeting two months ago.

    To the OP:
    You are getting some great suggestions and experiences...
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    Re: Reaction to Milk?

    Kids don't *need* the kind of fat in whole milk. It's saturated. It is not necessary for health--a person can survive very well without it. Kids, and adults for that matter, need unsaturated fat,...
  13. Re: Why are breastfeeding groups during workday?

    I can understand your frustration at wanting to attend LLL meetings and receive support and information about breastfeeding and not having an avenue to do this.

    One reason why meetings are held...
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    Re: Should I just let it go...


    Just want to offer my sympathy. Sometimes our children grow and change and we as mothers are caught by surprise by our feelings. Every mother feels differently about her child's weaning. I...
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    Re: How/when did you know?

    With my first son, I assumed we would wean at 12 months, as the AAP recommends breastfeeding for 12 months, and then however long after that as mom and baby decide. I assumed, we start solids, he...
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    Re: does anyone not admit to EXBF?

    I do avoid the questions at times. For me, I have learned that there are times to offer my mothering experiences in a "teaching way" and there are times to keep some information to myself. I begin to...
  17. Re: Extended breastfeeding and IVF treatment for infertility

    If you visit Dr. Thomas Hale's discussion boards on his website, he lists precautions known for fertility medications as they pertain to breastfeeding. You should be able to access these pages...
  18. Re: Stubborn Toddler! BF's Constantly. I Can't get PG

    To quote Dr. William Sears, "There is no set number of years you should nurse your baby." If you and your child enjoy breastfeeding, there is no reason you need to stop. Both of you will continue to...
  19. Re: Stubborn Toddler! BF's Constantly. I Can't get PG

    Hi, Dayzee,

    I see you have had helpful responses to your questions here.

    There was another thread with a mother asking similar questions. Perhaps something from that discussion may be of use to...
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    Re: Post-weaning Nipple wierdness- help!


    Perhaps something from this page will explain a few types of nipple conditions. They usually occur along with breastfeeding, so I am unsure about their occurrence in a mother's body...
  21. Re: Pregnant and feeding 7th moth old, she is losing weight

    You're welcome for the information. I am glad to hear you have found something that works for you!
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    Re: I need suggestions...

    Any chance she could travel with you? Some mothers who need to travel away for a day or weekend work conference/meeting bring along a helper or family member to watch baby while mother attends her...
  23. Re: Seeking recommendations re breastmilk alternative

    You mentioned he seems to want more solid foods and you are worried about keeping your supply up to meet his needs. It is recommended that babies under one year, although yours is close to one year,...
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    Re: i disagree with the pediatrician

    The AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) recommends NO foods before 6 months. This is the current recommendation. Unfortunately, many doctors and even baby books continue to suggest starting solids...
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    Re: breast as a pacifier??

    I think one of these days I will create a shirt just for breastfeeding mothers that says on the front:

    "The Original Pacifier"

    We are NOT the substitutes! WE are the REAL thing!

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