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    Feeding on one side only

    Is it ok just to feed my baby from one breast only?
    She never takes both breasts at one sitting and it seems that my left breast produces far less milk than the right one.
    I was wondering if I...
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    Re: excess lipase??

    I have the same problem. The advice from my lactation consulatant was "do yourself a favor and stop tasting it! Your baby should drink it just fine and it's perfectly safe to give her."
    So I gave...
  3. Can you increase supply in one breast only?

    I recenly returned to work where I can only pump once a day. I would do it more but I simply cannot, so pumping more during the day is not an option during the week.

    I use a madela symphony pump....
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    My frozen milk tastes horrible!

    I'm a little distraught! I have been freezing my milk for 2 months now and have over 50 bags. I thawed a bag today (that was frozen at the end of June)and it tastes horrible. Kind of soapy, metal...
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    Re: My poor DS struggles with oversupply

    Hi there,
    I'm having a similar problem with my 5 week old. Sometimes the milk comes so fast and furious she just can't hadle it. She cries and fusses a lot at the breast. Someone gave me this link...
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    Re: Crying at the breast

    That article was really helpful thank you. I was really worried that something I ate might be affecting her and was about to throw away the 10oz I pumped last night! But I will keep it and try her...
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    Crying at the breast

    I've heard that sometimes the food you eat can affect the baby. How will I know if I have eaten something that does not suit her.
    Today she has fed for 10 - 15 minutes and then started crying at...
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    Re: What is really going on

    Just looked back over your postings. I'm new to this site myself and was in a similar situation to you a few days ago. It felt like I had to wait forever to get a response!
    Anyway, did you go to...
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    Re: How to pump???

    I am very new to this myself but I can tell you for certain that you will have a lot more milk in the morning so if you only intend to do it for one bottle I would pump about 15 minutes after her...
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    Re: How much should she eat?

    I have been trying to get her on the right breast too. Sometimes she goes for it. Sometimes not. I can get her on for 5 minutes or so, but she stops being active very quickly. That's why the doc...
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    How much should she eat?

    I am recovering form mastitis in my right breast and baby will not latch on to it at all. Doctor said to feed her from left then pump right and give it to her in a bottle. We've been doing that for...
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    Re: cleaning and storing BM

    If you are topping up milk you pumped earlier in the day and put in the fridge can i bring the milk from fridge to room temperature by warming in hot water or do i have to leave on side to naturally...
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    Pumping one breast and feeding off other.

    I have a 10 day old baby and 2 days ago developed severe mastitis in my right breast. The baby refuses to go on the right breast now. In a panic I gave her formula last night as my left breast was...
  14. Re: Newborn marathon feeder with an exhausted mom!

    Just wanted to thank you ladies for your advice. I solved the engorgement problem by expressing a little milk with a hand pump after a long warm shower! She latched on again the next day without...
  15. Newborn marathon feeder with an exhausted mom!

    Boy, this breast feeding business is hard work!
    Baby girl is just one week old. I have an LC appointment later in week but need answers, advice and help now.
    Last night baby was on boob for 5...
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