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  1. how to get my lo to bigger pieces in food???

    hi everybody

    my lo is eating solids since 6 month of his life ..since 2-3 months i am trying to get him used to bigger pieces of vegetables or fruit in his food and it is not working

  2. 11 mo hates solid foods!!!!some advice pleeeaseee

    hello everybody
    i really need your advice
    my lo hates eating since he was born.... he never was a big eater but now i am trying -for the last 2-3 months -to get him used to small pieces of food...
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    bad diapers or what else????

    hello everybody
    my lo is 8 months old and richt now i am on vacation had to change diapers
    i do not know if it is a problem because i already tried 2 types of diapers and every night(!!!!!!) he is...
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    brestfeeding and thyroid scan???

    My doctor wanted me to make a thyroid scan i went there and got a pill of low dose of iodine. I mentioned to the technician that i am breastfeeding he said it is not a problem but then told me (after...
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    Re: 3 mo baby-is this behaviour normal??

    I am so happy to hear from you guys
    I feel much better after i read what you have to say
    Maybe i need to chill out a little hehehehe
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    3 mo baby-is this behaviour normal??

    hi everybody
    i have few questions about my LO's behaviour
    Mathew is 3,5 months old and does not fully react to our voices. sometimes wen my hubby talks to him and he is looking at his toy or at...
  7. Re: swimming classes for 3mo baby in montreal???

    Thank you JManon for answering.
    Ifound few places in montreal but they are pretty far from my house and i was thinking to maybe start swimming with my LO in summer(our REAL winter is back now)
  8. swimming classes for 3mo baby in montreal???

    Hello everybody :D
    I would like to take my LO for swimming classes
    Does anybody know any places in Montreal, (preferably Montreal nord)
    I appreciate your help guys
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    vommiting and low weight gain

    Hi everybody
    I am a first time mommy. My Mathew is 11 weeks old and weights 4700 (birth weight 3458- ou of hospital 3220)since he was 3 weeks old he started vomitting from time to time. At his last...
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