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    How long should I pump for?

    This is all very frustrating. First I had thrush, then LO would not tolerate OALD issues, now I don't have enough milk! I am at my wits end yet again.
    Okay, so I'm trying to pump after every feeding...
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    Re: No BM's but LOTS of gas...

    Not looking for expert answers, just opinions based on experience!!! :)

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    No BM's but LOTS of gas...

    Okay, 2 questions:
    1. My issues with OALD seem to have improved, and I know that it is TOTALLY normal for Asher to not have any BM's for days, but he has an amazing amount of gas, sometimes painful,...
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    Why do you get more BM by BF?

    Just wondering (as I sit here pumping an extra 4 oz for my son tomorrow)...
    I'll be gone for about 2-3 hours tomorrow to a married couples dinner at my church and I wanted to pump a bottle for him...
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    Re: 6wk old wrestling with nipple

    I too have this problem, and what a coincidence, my son is also 6 weeks! I notice, though, that he does this more when he's tired. It's like he does it to stay awake. He's actually been doing it less...
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    Re: Left side very sore...

    It's a deeper pain, up higher on my breast. I just spent some time in the bed nursing and using a hot washcloth and it seems to have helped, it might have been a plugged duct? I just kept massaging...
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    Left side very sore...

    Hey everyone... my left breast feels very tender, like it's bruised... Is something bad happening? It hurts mostly when pressure is applied but not when I'm feeding. Any ideas? TIA

  8. Re: Block feeding during a growth spurt...

    Thank you for your response! I'm going to do like you said and hopefully this growth spurt will be over soon! In fact, this am, he woke me around 3am to eat and was on for his typical 30 minutes, but...
  9. Block feeding during a growth spurt...

    Okay, so things are still going better than they were BUT... now Asher is having a growth spurt. Before block feeding, a feeding went like this: Latch baby on to eat, baby cries, won't latch back on,...
  10. Re: New to OALD idea... welcome ANY and ALL help!!

    Redflaming, yes, it definetly sounds similar. OALD stands for Over Active Let Down. The best way to learn about it is to look on this board at ALL of the threads people have started. Other peoples...
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    Re: Passing gas while BF

    I know that those symptoms can be many things, but it sounds EXACTLY like what I experienced with my son! He would do the same screaming arching thing and absolutely REFUSE to eat anymore from my...
  12. Re: New to OALD idea... welcome ANY and ALL help!!

    Just a quick note before bed to let you wonderful helpful ladies know that tonight DID go better than the past week!! Asher is content, my boobs are a little full, but it is all worth it. I have...
  13. Re: New to OALD idea... welcome ANY and ALL help!!

    Tiana- Well, he was preferring it to the other, but for the past couple of days he refuses both, but takes the NON OALD one for a little longer before he pulls off. I believe I've messed up a little...
  14. Re: New to OALD idea... welcome ANY and ALL help!!

    Thanks for your response! I guess the most comforting thing is that I know now that I'm not alone. I've already begun emptying before I feed him and it seems to help. He only unlatched 3 times during...
  15. New to OALD idea... welcome ANY and ALL help!!

    I posted the following on another board, not even realizing that this board was here... I am just now catching on to the idea that my son and I may be struggling with OALD and I'm just PRAYING for...
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    OALD on one side only...

    How would you block feed when only one side has OALD? I'm afraid of losing the supply on the other side. Milk shoots out during and a little after let down on my right side but never on my left. I...
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