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    Re: Introducing sippy cup for ebm

    I would also say try the Nuby cup. It's the only one my baby would take, but again, he got milk out by chewing on it and it made a huge mess until he recently when he figured out how to suck on it. ...
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    Re: Night feeding becoming a problem?

    I think what LLL LactoJen was getting at is why do you think your supply is low? Do you think your supply is low because of how frequently he nurses or because of how much you can pump out? Don't...
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    Re: He gets mad at the spoon anymore!

    Hey there Melissa!

    I had the same problem with Gabe. He loves to eat, but didn't want me spoonfeeding him anymore. I did alot of the things the pp suggested, but discovered that he loves grilled...
  4. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    We're working hard on sharing right now so one day when I sat down to nurse Gabe (11months), Jake (my no longer nursing 3 year old) sat next to me and said "ok, you nurse him and then it's my turn". ...
  5. Re: I never thought nursing a toddler would be so gratifying

    It is such a beautiful time spent with them. My older son weaned around 20 months and I knew it was coming and thought I was ready for it, but ended up missing it somuch. He would still cuddle up...
  6. Temas: Skinny baby

    by 2boys4me

    Re: Skinny baby

    I'm with everyone else. Sounds like his body type. I think sometimes they grow in length and not so much in weight and then teh next time they haven't grown much in length but have packed on the...
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    Re: Is Overfeeding Possible?

    I agree with the pps. You're doing a great job! Keep it up and enjoy your new baby!
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    Re: weight issues

    I seem to have alot of similarities with you! My first son, Jake, was always on the low end of the pertentiles too and seemed to gain weight slowly. I didn't like to call him skinny, but maybe...
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    Re: ok, this question's for me

    Hey Valerie,

    Just another post to let you know you are not alone. I too have had a hard time adjusting to having a second child. My first is almost 3 1/2 and my second is 11 months. I'm finally...
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    Re: sudden problems breastfeeding

    My first son was like this. Screamed and cried alot no matter what i did. It was very frustrating. He also only nursed for about 10 minutes at time and only on one side at a time. Then an hour...
  11. Re: Clogged milk duct comes and goes - advice please!

    I had clogged ducts alot with my first son. Try getting your baby's chin on the side where the clog is. I know this can be difficult sometimes depending on where it is. I once had to lay him on...
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