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    Re: Breastfeeding laying down??

    My 4 week DD and I figured it out the first night home from the hospital. I did have to help her with the latch and still do most of the time. If she's nursing on my left side I lay down then prop...
  2. Re: Safe ways to increase glandular tiss

    I had similar trouble with my first. My breasts didn't change at all during pregnancy, started 32AA ended that way. When seeing a lactation consultant she recommended Goat's Rue. I took it and I had...
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    Re: Disappointed, ready to give up - hel

    I just wanted to say that I had the same problems with my son at that age. He wouldn't poop and had trouble gaining weight. I don't think you need to supplement. I had much more trouble with supply...
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    Re: Help with 2 yr old night nursing

    We night weaned about 6 weeks ago and it's still rough sometimes. My DS is very attached to the "boobies" and cried a lot in the beginning. I decided 20 months of waking up and nursing in the middle...
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    Re: When did your period return?

    At 19 months. It was 2 months after I stopped pumping at work (I work full time, gone about 10-11 hours 4 days a week). He was still nursing at night when it came back. I went back to exactly the...
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    Re: Working and extended BF

    I went back to work at 14 weeks, 3 days a week. My DS has always loved the boob but as a young infant he loved the bottle just as much. I think his true love of the boob started when I increased my...
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    Re: Big milk decrease! :(

    Could it be hormonal? Are you on the pill? Has your cycle returned? I've heard both can cause a decrease in supply.
  8. Re: I was told I may never make enough milk...?

    After a lot of research I came to the conclusion that I have insufficient glandular tissue. My breast are VERY small and didn't grow or change during pregnancy. They started less than an A and ended...
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    Re: serious sleep problems!

    Could it be your diet? Do you avoid caffeine? Sometimes I notice my lo won't nap well when I've had a lot of caffeine.
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    Re: With a chomp and a scrape... eek!

    I was having a similar problem when we were on vacation 2 weeks ago. He bite me so hard once at a baseball game I bled. He had 3 upper teeth and 2 lower at the time so it hurt a lot. It was usually...
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    Re: breaking my heart...

    I just want to chime in a say that my DS is a lot like yours. He use to put himself to sleep all the time but since 5 months he has been nursing to sleep both at night and for naps. He also will wake...
  12. Re: Goat's Rue & Negative SE w/ Fenugreek

    I also had trouble with fenugreek. I got low blood sugar, felt really nauseated, weak and shaky. I tried goat's rue and it really worked for me. I have teeny, tiny breasts and after taking it they...
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    Re: Chocking Constantly

    We had the same problem if you mean gagging. DS has choked once on a cucumber but gags all the time. We found giving larger foods like a whole pear or a whole cucumber was better (we usually remove...
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    BLS gagging/choking

    We recently started BLS. I love watching DS pick up food himself and shove it in his mouth but I hate watching him gag and he even choked once today. He seems to love everything we put in front of...
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    Re: on the verge.....

    Yes, pump after every feeding 5-10 minutes (7 usually works for me).

    I had almost the same trouble you're having now. I don't think I've ever cried so much before learning to bf. It did get so...
  16. Re: New here - Need help with a serious spitter!

    I also had a serious spitter 50-60 spit ups a day starting around 2 months (huge ones that seemed half a feeding). I have a low supply and he was gaining weight but not much. I decided to try...
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    Re: My day so far...suggestions

    Are you pumping after any of the nursing sessions? How old is your lo? I had trouble with low supply and my DS wasn't transferring well. Pumping after a feeding is good if you have to supplement with...
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    Re: Pumping to increase supply

    I had the same problem with my DS in the beginning. With my experience I found it best to pump for 5-10 minutes (I usually do 7 minutes) after each feeding and I was feeding every 2 hours during the...
  19. Re: did anyone not have domperidone work for them ?

    I don't know how long you've been on it but I didn't notice a dramatic difference in the beginning either. I was giving 6oz formula a day then over 3 weeks slowly dropped down to 4oz then 2oz. All of...
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    Re: Breastfeeding, Bottlefeed, pump

    My lo is also 9 weeks and I also breastfeed, bottle feed, then pump. I do this 8 times a day and it takes about an hour each time (supplement 6 of the 8 feedings and sometimes squeeze in a 9th...
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    Re: Clicking Sound

    I've noticed the same noise during the 1st let down and I also have a low supply. It usually happens while he's gulping and goes away quickly when the let down is over.
  22. Re: Race against the clock to boost supply...

    I just want to say your problems with supply and what you've tried are almost exactly like my story. I don't have the time crunch yet with work though. My LC recommended I try goat's rue as I didn't...
  23. Re: One month old, still low supply, when does it get better?

    I'm am going to my check up on Monday, I'll have her check for any medical problems.

    The LC thought it was a combination of low supply and not transfering. I haven't noticed a difference with the...
  24. One month old, still low supply, when does it get better?

    I've had low supply troubles since the beginning. My milk didn't come in until day 6, I've never been engorged, by day 3 my son lost more than 10% of his birth weight so had to supplement until milk...
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