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    Re: All night nurser

    I'm currently in the (slow) process of night-weaning my 22 month old. I tried around 18 months and it was met with a lot of resistance so I gave up fairly quickly. Now it seems we are making...
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    Night weaning question

    We are gradually wanting to night-wean our co-sleeping 20 month old. She nurses to sleep and nurses again about 3 times during the night (and that is a good night). I have done lots of reading and...
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    Re: 15mnth old won't eat solids

    I can't give you any medical/health/bf advice about this - just wanted to say I have a friend with a 20 month old who sounds very similar - he is just starting to eat and swallow a few bits and...
  4. Re: 11 month old not wanting to unlatch (also night nursing)

    I've had this issue at various times - am having it again a bit at the moment with my 16 month old. What works best for me is Elizabeth Pantley's (author of the No Cry Sleep Solution) 'gentle...
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    Sticky: Re: Scalding breastmilk due to excessive Lipase

    I have excessive lipase in my milk and work 2 days a week, so have been pumping and scalding in the microwave (also have no stove at work). This was on the recommendation of a LLL Leader - I thought...
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    Re: Feeding frenzy

    Kate, thanks for the acknowledgement - it is rather easy to be tuned in to her needs when she puts one hand on each breast, wobbles them vigourously while saying 'mama', 'mama' (our word for...
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    Feeding frenzy

    Hi all,

    Just wondered if anyone else has gone through periods where your older baby/toddler (my dd is 16 months) has wanted to nurse much more often than usual.

    At least a couple of times a...
  8. Re: Come on! We have to have a cute stories thread!

    My 16 month old dd's latest cute bf thing is to lift up my top, and just gaze adoringly at my breasts with her head on one side before putting my top down again. I think she just likes to know...
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