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    Re: Sign language for breastfeeding

    My daughter uses the sign for milk and what I love is that a lot of people think she's waving hello or goodbye to them...rather than even thinking it through beyond the possibility that it might mean...
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    Re: When did you introduce water?

    Our LO is so funny, she hates her sippy cup...but reaches for the glass and although messy, she loves to sip water...what a sight it is, I've never seen anyone so excited about water and a glass!!
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    Re: Yogurt as beginner food?

    Yogurt was my LO's first food and she absolutely LOVES it!! We started at just under 8 months...but it's really a matter of simplicity, I eat a lot of yogurt, and since my fiance does solids and I...
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    Re: Oscillococcinum?

    That's awesome, I'm so glad I looked here first!! :) Thank you!!!
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    Re: Night weaning one-year-old

    I feel like I've only just begun since LO is just 4 and 1/2 months...I completely get wanting a good night of sleep!! :hug
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    Re: weaning a newborn

    Sending positive vibes your way!! :hug:hug

    ....and go with whatever bottle works for you! We use the NUK bottle system bc it closely resembles the breast sucking mechanism, another friend of...
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    Re: How can I increase my evening supply?

    My LO nurses almost non-stop from the moment I get home....I think they reconnect rather than seeking more milk for nourishment...and KUDOS to you for pumping in the middle of the night!! I did that...
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    Re: Please Help-Breast Refusal

    Maybe you have a forceful letdown? LO might not be excited about the initial letdown and is becoming fussy at feeding time...If this is the case, when you initially have your letdown you can have LO...
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    Re: every 2 hours STILL?

    Ditto!! :gvibes
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    Re: Don't wanna quit BFing. Need Help.

    I was told by my LC that babies are very adaptable and will prefer the boobies if they have a chance. Whenever DD becomes fussy we just take a break for a few moments and then try again, sometimes I...
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    Re: my husband is frustrated!!

    I am thinking that baby wakes up every two hours because thats what works for LO's best interests...much like how we go through bouts of needing more sleep, having trouble falling asleep, waking up...
  12. Re: HELP plugged duct (I think) that won't go away!?

    no fever is a good thing, as much as it hurts, it doesn't sound infected...the only thing that I can think of, and this is a big stretch....is that lethecin (spelling...I am pretty sure I wrote it...
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    Re: 3 week old not pooping

    My visiting nurse had a mom whose EBF baby didn't poop for SEVEN whole days...baby was perfectly fine, and then the big poops came!! Be ready! Sometimes our bodies do strange things, just keep up...
  14. Re: HELP plugged duct (I think) that won't go away!?

    I wouldn't wait until Monday, it could be mastitis and the doc on call can usually call in a prescription....thats what happened with me last time (it was definitely mastitis as I had the fever and...
  15. Re: HELP plugged duct (I think) that won't go away!?

    I'm having the exact same problem! I can't help, because I have the same question, but I hope we get better soon!! I have heard to nurse with the baby lying down and being on all fours so that my...
  16. Re: BF, cosleeping & baby sleep problems! (9 months old)

    Your LO could just be wanting more mommy time and is taking advantage of the nighttime hours. My LO sleeps for hours at a time in the nighttime when she is in bed with me...despite criticism from a...
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    Re: Should I let 3 month old STTN?

    I used to wake my DD up and have her nurse around 1am, and then she'd be WIDE awake until almost 5am...it was rough, so I asked my pediatrician about the sleeping and was told that as long as DD was...
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    Re: Baby rejecting bottle

    Congrats on making that time for yourself! I have heard of babies being much more finicky with nursing after an absence of nursing from mommy in the event of a few days away. It seems as though DS...
  19. Re: Does this mean that my period has returned??

    Good to know! I have my hands full with my wee one right now, so it's def worth my while to wake her for feeding during the night. We're cautious parents regardless, but I was hoping to keep those...
  20. Does this mean that my period has returned??

    Hola everyone~Sorry if this is TMI, but I noticed a slight brownish discharge today and am 8 weeks postpartum. I am exclusively breastfeeding, but I have gone 6 to 8 hours at night when LO is...
  21. Question about oversleeping and supply:eek:

    I've never been one for sleep deprivation (as though any of us are, but my DH is a much better sport about it than I am!) and I slept a luxurious 8 hours straight last night. To avoid nighttime...
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