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    Re: Baby not gaining weight

    Is it possible that she has reflux? Some kids are happy spitters, but others benefit from medicine. I would seek a second opinion.
  2. Breastfeeding after a horrible first experience

    I wasn't exactly sure where to post this question. I am wondering what resources are out there for someone who wants to breastfeed a second baby after a truly horrible first attempt.

    Here's what...
  3. Ready to give up -- lazy nurser, TT and low milk supply

    I could really use some advice. My 6-week-old son and I have had a hard time nursing. Basically, I have been forced to supplement from his fifth day of life due to weight loss and because he was...
  4. Baby screams before latching on

    My son is five weeks old. About a week ago, he had his posterior tongue tie and lip tie fixed via a laser. I have to massage the sites at each feed, which causes him pain. I do this after I...
  5. Re: Posterior Tongue tie/lip tie caused my supply to plummet

    I am going through almost the exact same thing. My LO damaged my nipples in three days before I saw an LC. She told me that he had a tongue tie, but said he could work around it. I was forced to...
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