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    Re: Heading Back to Work...

    Wow - we have a ton in common. I'm a lawyer too and also a (recovered - sort of) workaholic. My LO also had colic bad although hers lasted until she was 4 months old so count yourself lucky. It is...
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    Re: I gave up

    I'm not a doctor but it sounds to me like you have an infection that you're just not kicking and that's why they keep coming back - particularly since you're getting it on the other side now. I'd...
  3. Re: Persistent Mama with Persistent Yeast

    The only other things I tried that worked that you don't mention in your post are as follows: My ped prescribed diflucan for my LO too. Nystatin didn't do crap for us. I took Diflucan every day...
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    Re: I gave up

    It didn't clear it at all for me. I remember it being so frustrating - I can't imagine having them as often as you are. I had to call around a lot to find someone who would do it and finally found...
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    Re: I gave up

    I did try ultrasound therapy twice but it didn't work. What eventually worked for me was getting antibiotics because I actually had a breast infection and just didn't realize it - I thought it was...
  6. Tricks for getting LO to unlatch?

    My LO is almost 17 months old and we still bf at naps/bedtime. Lately I've been having trouble getting her to unlatch. She sleeps in her own crib and I usually rock her/nurse her about 10 minutes...
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    Re: My constant battle

    You may also want to check your state law. The federal law covers you and provides time off to pump until baby is 1 year but some states are longer. If your state law is longer, you could give a...
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    Re: I hate pumping! Help!

    What kind of pump are you using? I used a hospital grade pump and it worked really well. Do you massage while you're pumping - I was able to get a lot more when I did that.
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    Re: Is my caregiver right?

    Reading these things about SAHD mistakes reminded me of something my DH (also a SAHD) did that caused me to FUME. (He was also guilty of overfeeding). DD is now a thriving 15 month and I no longer...
  10. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    YKYNATW: Your 13 month old will stop nursing and make the sign she has created herself to tell me to sing the itsy bitsy spider. As soon as you start singing, she latches back on. And as soon as...
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    Re: Fussiness or something else

    Sounds like it could be colic to me. Rule of thumb is cries for more than 3 hours a day, more than 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks. If so, it's nothing that you're doing and has nothing to do...
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    Re: Thrush, STILL

    I used GSE lots of times to treat thrush from when LO was about 3 months old. I never had any problems. I just used a qtip. Also, the GV really isn't so bad. I used that several times too. What...
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    Re: Traveling While Breastfeeding

    I have also travelled with bm both with and without baby with no problems. And no problem with ice packs. If you are carrying bm, you are just supposed to declare it before you go through security....
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    Re: don't want to give up

    Yep - been there. Diflucan worked really fast for me. I combined it with oral grapefruit seed extract per Jay Newman's protocol. Nystatin is what they usually prescribe to the LO and it didn't...
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    Re: Chronic Soreness

    I totally forgot about My Breast Friend pillow - it was truly my best friend. The best thing ever. Totally agree - buy one well worth the money. And it sounds like me and PP had the exact same...
  16. Re: Head vs. Heart and nursing to sleep!

    As a follow up to my previous message about Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child, I just want to make it clear that I never left my child to cry for an hour and she never threw up on herself. Certain...
  17. Re: Head vs. Heart and nursing to sleep!

    I recommend trying Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child. His explanation of sleep cycles and strategies really helped me. He also has lots of alternatives to CIO. My LO is 9 1/2 months old. She...
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    Re: Chronic Soreness

    I had the same kinds of problems at that age. Luckily, things got much better for me at 7 weeks - I think because her mouth got bigger. The bigger they get the easier things are. My LO is nine...
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    Re: Pumping taking too long

    Would your LC possibly let you try out a hospital grade pump to see if that makes a difference? That's what I would try.
  20. Re: Pumping and traveling without baby

    If you guys want to pm me, you're welcome to and I'm happy to share everything I did. I've traveled for work by plane three times since LO was born - once was a 3 day trip and the other was 2 days. ...
  21. Re: Pumping and traveling without baby

    I have travelled for work a few times. On the where to pump at the airport, you can check the airport's internet site. I ended up pumping in the airport bathroom. I wasn't comfortable doing it in...
  22. Re: Help! Thrush & GSE at 10 1/2 mos.

    Unfortunately, I've had thrush several times but have beaten it. Here's what I did that I think worked. I kept this protocol up for about a week (I only did the GV for a few days though). The pain...
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    Re: This isn't how it's supposed to be

    You should talk to your doctor about the migraine meds. I get migraines too and my doctor cleared me to take Imitrex because the half life is so short and it's generally believed to be safe for...
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    Re: Business Travel without baby

    I stored the bm in Medela or Lansinoh bags - can't remember which. On the way there, I just put the ice packs (the little blue ice packs that you normally use for coolers) in the cooler, went...
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    Re: Biting Baby/Random Rants

    mommaefvie: Too funny! Our LOs are only 3 days apart-Mine was born 7/15. Ornery July babies...
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