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  1. Intersting facts about frequent night nursers...

    Just came across this article and thought those of you who are wondering if it's normal your LO is nursing SO much at night... read on and enjoy :-)
  2. Re: The new study that did not make the news

    This is how I feel too. I have been through the whole experience of feeling like a failure when I had to go 50/50 when nursing my son. It took me a while before I excepted that I just didn't have...
  3. For all you Mamas having a hard time at the moment...

    Hi there,

    Just a little link to a blog I found that might help to encourage some of you who are going through the mill at the moment. Bfing is hard work, but the benifits are so many... Please,...
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    Wow, we've made it HERE!

    Good evening, ladies,

    I just feel I have to share some of my happiness... DD and I have made it to a year bfing with no formula whatsoever! :love Yeay!

    We're only nursing now 2-3 times a day...
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    Re: Help with co-sleeping

    Agree with all PP's.

    However, if you are still a bit worried or just can't sleep can you lower the side of the co-sleeper you already have and fix LO's bed to yours? I have a co-sleeping crib...
  6. Re: pinching and hands in face while breastfeeding.

    lllmeg - this made me chuckle a little. It's how I feel sometimes when DD gets a hold... LOL!

    I think most babies go through a phase of this and I think all we can do when our LO's are so young is...
  7. Re: Feeling pressure? about feeding solids

    Trust your Mummy instincts and go with your gut. You know what's best for your LO and if she seems interested that's great. Try different things and if she likes them and eats great. If not then...
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    Re: Is a swing the thing?

    I have had the Swing since I had DS in 2008. My circumstances are totally different from yours, but I thought I'd chime in anyway. For me it's just right as I can transport it easily and with it...
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    Re: feeling frustrated and unhappy

    Just sending some hugs and to let you know we're here for you no matter what the issue is. This is one place you can let it all out without being judged or put down. Hope you feel better soon :hug
  10. Re: At a loss, completely demoralised...

    Really? I thought a tiny amount of butter was allowed. Another bit of incorrect info from the pedi then. I'm better to stay away from that to be prudent. Thanks. Oh and DD is 6months old.
  11. Re: At a loss, completely demoralised...

    Firstly, thanks for the replies.

    I don't trust my dr's scales at all now as it's not the first time there's been a doubt when nothing has been wrong with DD's weight.. plus I weighted DD at home...
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    Re: We did it!

    I know I realised that too. Cool huh?! Like you I'm happy DD and I have made it EBFing to 6 months and hoping to keep on going. Happy 6 month birthday to your LO! ;-)
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    Re: We did it!

    Well done :clap, I hope you can continue for as long as you and your LO are good to :gvibes
  14. At a loss, completely demoralised...

    Hello LLL ladies, sorry this is a bit of a long post!

    So I have a problem. I have been EBF my DD since her birth in June and all has gone reasonably well with a few little hiccups. However, I am...
  15. Re: How do you maintain supply as baby gets older?

    My DD is 4 months and has one 4 hour stretch in the early evening (8-12pm) then sometimes a 4 or 5 or (and this is rare!) 6 hour stretch. Even an 8 hour stretch is really REALLY optimistic for a...
  16. Re: drying up....have low supply to begin with...stopping bf

    :ita with pp's... the housework can wait - make the most of your time with your LO as it'll pass by so quickly. I, too, used to have a VERY clean home, but since having my 2 kids I have realised just...
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    Re: Want smart kids?

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    Re: Helped by Donor Milk

    I know this is a year late, but wow to the family of little Anaya. They were the best support and source of love for such a beautiful little girl. I was in tears reading her story - life can be so...
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    Re: in pain...help!

    Is your breast red/hot to touch? Have you looked inside your LO's mouth for signs of thrush there? It could be thrush or it could be a blocked duct (I've just gotten rid of one that gave me horrible...
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    Re: starting back at work soon...

    Ok so we tried a couple days ago and she took quite well from the bottle (she took just over an oz and it was DH who fed her) but needed to nurse with me to finish off. A lot better than I thought! I...
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    Re: Growth Charts and Breastfeeding

    Most charts the pedis use are based on formula fed babies - check your doc has the right one!! And, personally, I feel that 4 months is a bit young to start solids. A baby's digestive tract just...
  22. Re: Things I wish I'd known when we started BFing

    an insomniac dairy cow Love this! It's exactly how I felt at the begining!!

    Would just like to add: When baby's diaper output is good, weight gain is good and baby is happy don't let anyone...
  23. Re: Have no idea what Im doing.........

    :ita with all pps advice... nurse, nurse, nurse! You will eventually get off the formula if you work at it (and, yes, it is exhausting!) - I did with DS. It took us a full 4 weeks to wean him off. We...
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    Re: finally!!

    :ita with mommal. For herbal remedies most mummies find fenugreek is the most efficient. And well done on pain free bfing!
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    starting back at work soon...

    Hi ladies, a couple of quick questions.

    My DD will be going to daycare when I start back on November 5th. She's almost 4months old and EBF, no bottles so far. My question is what's the best way to...
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