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    Re: HELP: night weaning!

    Not sure I can help much but just wanted to offer some encouragement! I think it sounds like you are doing the right thing - I have twin brothers and it can be easy for other people to think they...
  2. Re: Did anyone else have mixed feelings???

    :hug:hug to you all. it's scary when they seem to lose interest. ds is 16m and a few times has dropped nursign right down to just a little at lunch then one before bed (still all night tho), but we...
  3. Re: Don't know how I can do this

    Thanks to you both for your replies. I really needed to get it off my chest, or I knew I was going to explode at dh the minute he walked back in the room. I stuck it out, and then we had a good long...
  4. Re: Don't know how I can do this

    dh is very reasonable. i understand his reasons really. i teach yoga part time, so every tues evening i am out 6.30-8pm and every other mon evening from 7.30-9pm. he wants us to have bedtime now so...
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    Re: 9 Mo Old Waening!

    well...all the stuff that womanly art recommends - eat well, drink well, pump extra in between nursing, make sure you pump/hand express whenever she has a supplement...
    think i read somewhere that...
  6. Re: Don't know how I can do this

    we're not, that's part of my problem. i guess i am scared that it could prompt a strike or even cause sudden weaning - i don't want him to feel rejected. i am doing this because dh wants to do it.
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    Re: This is heartbreaking

    it's so hard when you start changing things isn't it? does sound like maybe he doesn't need the nap - could he have a quiet time reading books so he gets a little rest that way? or maybe sitting with...
  8. Re: How to deal with plugged duct?

    hope you feel better. i had a plugged duct recently and it can be really sore for a few days. i just massaged really gently a lot of the time -much to embarrassment of dh when out & about, but if it...
  9. Don't know how I can do this

    I just need to write. I'm not sure if this is the right forum to be posting in really but I am not in the right frame of mind to worry about it too much. If you are reading this, please post your...
  10. Re: preparing for "beyond one"

    no advice, but again just wanted to say well done on getting to one and still nursing twins! plus, just was chuffed to read that it can be done as twins run in my family!
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