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  1. Re: away from baby during hospital stay

    During my hospital stay(s) earlier this year, my hospital provided me with a stay in room pump both times along with all the equipment needed. I ended up with two sets of the accessory parts which...
  2. Re: away from baby during hospital stay

    Had a promo code for a free Udder Cover in my e-mail and just ordered a cute cover for pumping!

    @ susan - with what little pumping I have done, I totally get the boredom/anxiety thing. I have an...
  3. Re: 12 month old doesn't like cow's milk

    My son never took cow's milk well when I transitioned him over. It wasn't until he was two that I figured out he was lactose intollerant and he was probably trying to tell me all along. I felt like a...
  4. Re: away from baby during hospital stay

    Thank you! My hope it that it comes back with something! I would hate to do all this only to have the doctors shrugg their shoulders :shrug and scratch their heads :confused:. I have been sick for a...
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    Re: healing for a bite on breast?

    Both of my older children bit me when I had mastitus (I've had more times than I can count anymore). It may have been because the milk wasn't coming fast enough due to the inflammation from the...
  6. Re: away from baby during hospital stay

    Thanks all for the friendly help! I will plan on renting a hospital grade pump. The good news is that I already have a good amount on milk in my deep freezer and I have a couple of weeks between now...
  7. away from baby during hospital stay

    Hi all. This is my first post here and I really hope you all can offer some help for me!

    I will be traveling to a University hospital several states away for some out patient medical testing...
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