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    Milk supply w/ 5 month old

    Hi, I have been breastfeeding with success for 5 months and have trusted the process fully. I have never been a huge pumper, maybe pumping like 1 a day. My baby is 5 months and recently is eating...
  2. Temas: Unused milk

    by @llli*bl

    Unused milk

    If I take a 5oz bottle out but only use 3oz can I put the rest back in the fridge?
  3. My 71/2 week baby is still eating every 1 1/2 - 2 hours

    My baby boy is almost 8 weeks now and he is still eating every 1 1/2 - 2 hours. He wakes up that much at night also. I sometimes feel like maybe he's not getting enough from me. He cluster feeds alot...
  4. Help! How to leave BF 6 wk old with dad.

    My baby is 6wks now and I just BF. He's had bottles here and there and will drink them usually without a problem. I'm also a yoga instructor and am dying go teach or take just a few classes a week....
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    Cluster feeding?

    My baby is 4 weeks now and I am wondering if it's normal to cluster feed more than once a day? He cluster feeds in the late morn/early afternoon and he does it again in the evening. I don't get...
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    Re: Constantly Eating

    Thank you. It's good to know I'm not alone. All this extra sucking and eating does give more gas to deal with. Poor guy I feel like he's always working on getting something out.
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    Constantly Eating

    My baby is now 4 weeks and breastfeeding is proving to be so hard. He is quite fussy in the evenings and all he wants to do is breastfeeding. I know it's comforting for him and I have tried pacifiers...
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