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  1. Re: conflicted about night weaning

    You are all so nice and helpful...I love these forums because I don't even know a person who nursed a toddler. Ever. And I know a lot of people. Let alone nursed a toddler all night long...
  2. Re: looking for the perfect breastfeeding relationship

    This really jumped out at me. It sounds like you still want the connection with her that nursing provides but you don't want to nurse at night? Once a day at this age just might not be realistic,...
  3. Re: looking for the perfect breastfeeding relationship

    Your post sounds so much like my post from about a month ago.

    We started having my husband put my 16 month old to bed, and she accepted it without tears. We also gave her a pillow, previously she...
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    Re: 3 days old, few questions.

    Just wanted to say (as a former oversupply mom...that lasted like 6+ months), that even if your baby was drinking loads of less fatty milk, it could still be plenty of calories. It sure was for my...
  5. Re: 20 Month Old Still Requiring Milk to get back to sleep

    Same here, our daughter has never been put to sleep alone, she goes to sleep with me for naps and with dad for bedtime. Always needs to be nursed back to sleep. She is almost 16 months old. I...
  6. Re: How do I get my cosleeping 2 yo to sleep without nursing

    My daughter just started being able to go to sleep with Dad every night vs me, we did the same as you, we nurse on the couch right before bed. She goes to sleep much faster, so I could tell she was...
  7. Re: Enjoying EBF, but I want my body back!

    oh yeah, and yes...formula does not magically make babies do ANYTHING. My friend's baby has lots of sleep issues and he is 100% formula. My daughter had terrible constipation from formula. The list...
  8. Re: Enjoying EBF, but I want my body back!

    Congrats on your new baby!! Being a mom is hard. Having gone both routes myself, as I have two children, I can honestly say I would chose BF all over again.

    My first child was 100% formula fed. I...
  9. Re: Hormonal mess - extended breastfeeding help!

    I'm still nursing my 15 month old like 8x or more per day...my period came back at 9 months PP...I didn't have your experience, if anything I've had the opposite, so maybe someone can help? Maybe...
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    Re: Low iron what to do

    My daughter is 15 mo, one other food we do is sprouted whole wheat flour pancakes. We also do a lot of beans but soak them for like a day before cooking. Soaking/sprouting definitely makes the iron...
  11. Re: conflicted about night weaning

    Thank you both for the replies. I got a sleep book from the library, and even though it's the no-cry sleep solution for toddlers, it still doesn't sit right with me. I kind of got the feeling it's...
  12. conflicted about night weaning

    My daughter is 15 months. She has always had lots of trouble with sleep. She woke up every 45 min of her life until about 10 months old. We cosleep and nurse to sleep, she nurses very often at night...
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    Re: Could exercise affect supply?

    I would say it would only cause supply issues if you aren't replacing those calories...or if you don't have a lot of fat to spare. I do intense exercise about 3x per week, and I eat a lot of extra...
  14. Re: sleeping / eating better w/out mom

    If that is the case...and please don't hate me (your fellow cosleeping every single night of baby's life ever, feeding all night long mom)...maybe you shouldn't sleep with her?

    We are having a...
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    Re: I need words of encouragement

    I think as long as he is gaining and meeting milestones, he is doing just fine. I have a friend and her baby did something similar, he is 11 months now but he did a lot of reverse cycling (eating...
  16. Re: I need a plan to night wean my 2yo...help?

    I just read this, too...this sounds more like us, not sure about you. I know my daughter has no medical issues and nothing, NOTHING, seems to changes this need for night nursing....
  17. Re: I need a plan to night wean my 2yo...help?

    I just found this http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/no-cry-sleep-solution-for-toddlers-and-preschoolers-elizabeth-pantley/1102880776?ean=9780071444910, definitely looks promising as well, mammaknits. I...
  18. Re: I need a plan to night wean my 2yo...help?

    Did you still sleep in the family bed after night weaning?
  19. Re: I need a plan to night wean my 2yo...help?

    I was just about to write this same post myself...so I can't wait to see what people write in order to help!

    Can your husband ever put your son back to sleep before you and he go in to sleep with...
  20. Re: Oversupply question for finishing the first breast

    What other symptoms of oversupply does your baby have besides gas and fussiness? Those are pretty general to babies, but also being full after a few minutes of eating *might* indicate oversupply....
  21. Re: Son just turned 1 last week - I have questions! Help :)

    I felt the exact same way a few months ago, mine is 14 months. At first it was a little strange, getting all those comments and feeling like somehow my baby was now not a baby and what does that mean...
  22. Re: Too much going on! I feel resentment towards my son

    Positive potty training is much, much better than negative or shame based! My daughter will be 4 this summer, and we started "potty training" at 2. Big mistake. She wasn't ready, yes, she is...
  23. Re: Need to drink water to have let down

    I had some pretty severe letdown issues, my daughter is 14 months old. For me, I finally figured out that most of the time I was nursing I was extremely stressed. Once that stress was gone, I rarely...
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    Re: tooth decay info

    I didn't, thanks, good info!
  25. Re: How do I get my cosleeping 2 yo to sleep without nursing

    Definitely go for it! Yes, your child is important, which it's clear you already know since you've nursed her to sleep for over 2 years. But you are important too, and if a few nights out really late...
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