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  1. Re: Is it possible to begin breast feeding at 6 months?

    Hello. I don't have any advice for you, I'm sorry, but I never knew you could "relactate." That is so cool! Good for you, I hope you are happy with breastfeeding.
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    Re: Should I pump just in case?

    ok thanks. I am a science teacher too. :)
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    Should I pump just in case?

    Hello. I have to return to work in November (a teacher and took FMLA leave) and I do leave the house sometimes. I only have about 5 bags of milk...well make that 3 bags (my MIL unthawed some) in the...
  4. Another Poop Question, please read.

    My DS is almost 4 months, at least 7 wet diapers a day and is growing like a weed.
    All of a sudden 3 weeks ago he stopped pooping for 9 days and when he did we helped him with a thermometer in his...
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