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    Re: explain BLS please ??

    I just started DS on BLS. I slice up avocado and squash into sticks and give it to him. It works so well!
  2. Re: What does your letdown look like?

    I get just one letdown per pumping session. During the letdown there are sprays but after the letdown just drops. I used to think I drained the breast after 15-20 min (I was timing because I was on...
  3. Poll: Re: No period and 18 months postpartum

    I got mine 6 months pp. :( I was so upset.
  4. Re: failure to thrive, was told to wean

    Let us know how it went!
  5. Re: Baby who could feed for hours

    Can you try wearing your baby so she is still close to you? Maybe just being cradled in a sling against you will keep her calm and happy.
  6. Re: Only Nursing 5 min at a time?

    That sounds really normal at that age. As they get older they learn to drain the breast faster and therefore shorten the feedings.

    Also, they start noticing how cool the world is around them....
  7. Re: What can I do before baby 2 increase

    I am not sure anything than can be done before you deliver. Once your baby is here you should still try and see if you can get a successful latch- possibly with a shield like you used before. If that...
  8. Re: What can I do before baby 2 increase

    Like the PP said, I would try to establish a good nursing relationship and rely on that to regualte your supply. Nursing is the BEST to maintain and regulate supply. Pumps, fenugreek, herbs- all of...
  9. Re: Should I give up on breast feeding?

    I was wondering if you tried a nipple shield? I have flat-ish nipples too and it saved my nursing relationship!
  10. Re: Quick weight gain question...

    It is normal especially if he is becoming more mobile. Once DS learned how to tummy crawl and scoot all over the place he actually lost .3 pounds! I was worried but he still had good diaper output,...
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    Re: No Weight Gain

    I agree with the pp's :ita

    My son actually LOST .3 pounds between 4 and 5 months. Then at 6 months he gained 1.3 pounds. As long as your LO is happy, alert, meeting milestones and having good...
  12. Re: Going back to work :( and pumping...

    I would like to add that you can find a car adpater and pump while you are drive to work. Its a easy way to get a session in. You can make a hands free pumping bra by getting an old sports bra and...
  13. Re: Never knew I'd be sentimental about

    :hug It is very bittersweet. It is sad because it is a sign he is growing up so fast and is no longer the tiny little newborn he once was. Soon he will be walking, running and going to school! My...
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    Re: Help! IDK what to do..

    I would try and find another pediatrician that specializes in allergies. They might be able to help you more and get to the bottom of the issue rather than blame your milk. It does not sound like...
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    Re: should I be worried??

    It sounds like your baby is growing fine! Here is a growth chart for BF baby boys to compare your values: http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/growth/chart2.html If your LO is alert, active, happy...
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    Re: To Pump or Not To Pump....

    If you do want to introduce a bottle you should try doing it before your IL's come to make sure he will accept the bottle without any trouble. Some babies flat out refuse the bottle and just scream...
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    Re: How annoyed should I be?

    I am in the same situation as the original poster (not with cereal but with other solids) and your response scares me for the future :yikes MIL is morbidly obese and does not eat well AT ALL. :gg...
  18. Re: Ugh - Missing a trip to France

    Wow that IS expensive.. :(
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    Re: Guilt

    Pumping IS hard. It is a lot harder then BFing. I was doing what you were at first and I found myself using more and more supplements because it was so hard/exhausting to pump every 3 hours to keep...
  20. Re: Ugh - Missing a trip to France

    Could you take her and a person who would babysit while you are gone during the day? I mean you would probably have to pay for their flight but then they could just shack up with you in your company...
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    Re: Pumping Chit Chat II

    I should have pumped on the way to work this morning but I didn't. And I justified it to myself that it was too cold outside and my little nips would be cold and Im running late so I shouldnt and DS...
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    Re: Bad wifey

    Man I feel like the ultimate bad wifey here. DH has gotten some a whole 1 time since DS was born and I laid there like a lifeless dummy because I was so tired and did NOT want to. Now DS in 5.5...
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    Re: Reward:)

    Aw that is really cute :love

    DS will sometimes hum but he will only do it when he is bored. Along with the whole "pop on pop off pop on pop off" routine
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    Re: Pumping Chit Chat II

    Undergrad Biology. But I want to apply to some nursing schools this month so we will see! I'm 4 years in and still have so much more to do :gg

    I only pumped 1 3/4oz on the way to work. 1 3/4! ...
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    Re: Pumping Chit Chat II

    soundgarden I know how you feel about missing your LO. I miss mine sooo much when I am away :love

    katia, you are so lucky classes do not start until then! mine started to today! :yikes

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