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    Re: how long did you nurse

    My dd is 27 months old and we're still nursing happily. She nurses mostly at night and on weekends. I have a home daycare so we're busy during the day Monday-Friday. She nurses to go to sleep at...
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    Re: Baby Super Sick

    My son is 11 and has been asthmatic since the beginning. There are times I've thought "Should I take him in?" but if he's wheezing I'd take him in. We ended up purchasing a nebulizer for my son at...
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    Re: I Am Getting Bitten!!!

    My dd was a biter too and it's tough!! I would immediately take her off and sternly tell her "No biting, that hurts mommy" then end that nursing session. Sometimes I would have to go pump because I...
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    Re: 2 years!!!

    Congrats!! My DD is 27 months old and I was like you I never thought I'd make it past a year. Now we are down to only nursing at night and if she's had a stressful day or we've been apart a lot but...
  5. Re: Help With Night Waking - 1 hour after bedtime

    I went through this with my now 25 month old and it lasted about 2 adn a half months then she quit. It was right around a year old too. She still wakes at night but I now offer her "cuddle time"...
  6. Temas: biting

    by @llli*c.mohl

    Re: biting

    my lo is 25 months old and she has quite a biting reputation! She does it most when she's teething...she's still working on 2 "eye teeth". She also clamps down when she officially falls asleep. ...
  7. Re: Did any of you have to convince your dh...

    We had agreed on nursing a year then it turned into 18 months then our dd still wasn't willing to sleep through the night and dh didn't want to get up with her so here we are at 2 and still nursing. ...
  8. Re: Makes me sad to think this if my last baby...

    My last LO is 2 now and we're still nursing strong...she's attacking me right now as a matter of fact! :love I was going to be done nursing at 1 then at 18mos then at 2 for sure and here we are...
  9. Re: How old is your toddler and how often do they nurse?

    my dd is 25mos and still nurses at least 4 times a day. We thought about weaning...I even said "we're done at 2 years old" but she's not ready so why rush her to grow up! They're only little once!
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    Re: OK, milk, go away!

    My milk dried up right away after weaning my son but I had milk for 6 months after weaning dd#1. And she didn't nurse as long as my son did and not nearly as long as dd#2 has! :yikes
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    Re: 18 months old and 19 lb. Too small?

    my dd is 23 mos today and weighs 21lbs. She's tiny. Our Dr used to suggest a gostroenterologist to us too but as long as she's "on the chart" he's not pushing the issue....she's between 1 and 3%. ...
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    Re: How long have you been

    my youngest is 23 months today and still nursing strong. We plan to be done at 2 but we had that plan at a year and 18mos so who knows!! :love She is down to about 3 times a day or less...but...
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    Re: Doctor advised me to stop because...

    I was advised by a pediatrician and a nutritionist to stop bfing my lo at 18mos because "bm has no nutritional value after 6mos"....WHATEVER!!! They both said that my dd's lack of weight gain was...
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    Re: 1 yr old - SLOW growth - advice??

    My dd dipped down on the growth charts at 1 year and was completely off the charts by 18mos. Our dr sent us to another dr who sent us to a nutritionist. The second dr and the nutritionist both told...
  15. Re: Nutritional value of breastmilk after 1 year

    Good info!! Thanks for posting. I think I'll send that article to the ped that told me there was "no nurtritional value for breastfeeding my child beyond 6mos." She's now 21mos and still going...
  16. Re: Help -baby thinks I'm a human pacifier!

    my dd went through a time similar to yours where she just wanted to nurse to know I was there. Even now she will wake at night to nurse for a few minutes then she's back to sleep. When I nurse her...
  17. Re: need idea's and your best NIP comebacks

    My SIL had some guy make a rude comment about her nursing her baby in the baby section of Wal-Mart. She had a snappy comeback that left the guy and his wife with their jaws on the floor and they...
  18. Re: My DS is biting then laughing! Help!!

    My dd is known as the biting champ in our local LLL group. She hasn't ever bit anyone but me!!! How lucky I am! It was the worst right around 12-14months old, she's 20 mos now. Whenever she would...
  19. Re: not sure if work and bf will be possible.

    As far as milk storage goes you can always pack your own little cooler with ice packs and store your milk under your desk then put it in the fridge/freezer as soon as you get home. That's what I did...
  20. Re: not sure if work and bf will be possible.

    I would try it and see what happens. I used to teach at a college and my office was in the middle of a busy corridor. When I had to pump (which was sometimes during the 15 minutes between classes!)...
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    Re: The age old question!

    I have a close friend who is not the most understanding person about EBF and I just let her be that way. She knows I still nurse my dd who's 20mos. Occassionally she'll say something like "when are...
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    Re: What should I do?

    Thanks for the advice. Today went better. She stayed pretty busy playing with her new friends. She refused to nap but was more than happy to tell everyone else "nite, nite". We played together...
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    What should I do?

    I recently quit my job and have started my own daycare in my home. My DD was only nursing 3 times a day when I was working. Since I am home now she wants to nurse all the time. She is 20 months...
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    Re: I think It's Time :cry

    I stopped pumping at work when DD was about a year old. I had job where I could leave during lunch and go feed her at daycare. Lucky me! When I stopped pumping I was worried about my supply being...
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    Re: Extended Breastfeeding on GMA

    The story itself was nice but the comments people leave are horrible. Do people not realize that it isn't an IM page for them to talk back and forth? At least the story is positive.
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