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    Re: Advice for Nursing on Airplane?

    Thank you! We went to Target and bought a couple of the cheapy dollar toys that will be kept in hiding until the big day. Good advice about the shawl- I will definetley be doing that.
    We're flying...
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    Advice for Nursing on Airplane?

    Next week my husband, 21 month old son, and I will be taking a 5 1/2 hour flight. My son nurses either once or twice a day, but I am nervous that he will want to nurse non-stop while we're on the...
  3. 12 month old doesn't like cow's milk! What should I do?

    Hi everyone,
    My son just turned one a week ago and I've started to wean him. I am dropping our late afternoon feeding first and hoping to replace it with cow's milk. There's just one problem- he...
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