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    Re: Question about Extended BF

    Dear Aimee123,
    I give my 19th month old the cup whenever he eats and during the day when hea askes for something to drink. He isn't shy about letting me know that no the cup won't do no because I...
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    Re: My wife needs help

    Oh Gosh, I feel for you and it feelsjust like yesterday that I was there. Now my baby is past a yr. It does get better. It's very normal for a baby to want to nurse for two hrs straight (at least...
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    Re: still no period after 16 months, normal?

    Hi there,
    My period started 3 mths ago and my baby is now 19mths. I can relate. also I cosleep with my toddler and some nts I feel like a milk cow literally. but usally it's because he didn't get...
  4. Re: DD (2 yrs) only nursing from one side

    My 19th month old son really likes the left side. He'll take the rt but not for a long period of time. It does hurt if he goes for long periods without nursing on it so I try to keep him on it by...
  5. Re: We've made it two years & still nursing!

    Congrats I hope mine will continue strong too.:)
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    Re: 33 months old - Still Nursing A lot

    And I thought I had it rough. You are doing great! You are the only one who knows what is best for your child and if you feel in your gut that he needs you and that you both enjoy this nursing...
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    Re: Need encouragement

    Hey there! I just read what happened to you at you lll meeting and I want you to know that I would have been hurt too. I too have this deep desire to bf until my baby turns 3 yrs of age. I am...
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